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Aware of These Dangerous Bugs in Cauliflower? Here’s What You Need to do Find Them

Cauliflower or Gobi Ki Sabzi is often made in winters. The tasty sabzi is made with different recipes but are you aware of the bugs or worms found in cauliflower? These bugs or worms can be fatal if eaten by mistake. So it is highly advised to properly check these vegetables while you buy them in the market.

These larvae and tapeworms are invisible to the naked eye and do not die even in the hottest temperatures. If these insects or bugs in cauliflower are not cleaned, they can reach our intestine and infect the inner organs with harmful chemicals.

The commonly found bugs in cabbage and cauliflower are aphids, flea beetles, slugs, snails, leafhoppers, and insect larvae. The most prominent are aphids, found in cabbage. Tapeworms are hugely found in cauliflower and cabbage and if it enters our body, it can even cause brain disease.

Doctors claim that tapeworms or larvae can be a major reason for serious injury to the brain. The infection caused by tapeworms is called taeniasis. It turns to a cyst in the intestine which leads to pus inside the body.

Steps to remove bugs from cauliflower or vegetables

To remove these harmful insects from cauliflower, it is advised to cut the cabbage in a pan and wash it thoroughly with warm salt water as salt is hygroscopic and it will absorb the water.

When salt and water is released from this cauliflower, it will dehydrate the insects, eventually killing them.

Now, you can take out the cabbage from water and use it to make your dish with warm water and turmeric powder in it.

You can also sprinkle cornmeal on the pieces of the cauliflower and leave it for some time.

The worms present in the cauliflower will eat the cornmeal and die due to overconsumption.

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