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Avoid these three parenting styles which can make your child avoidant | The Times of India

Children are unpredictable, and so are their actions. At times your child might commit mistakes that you would have never expected it to and at other times, it can actually cross the line, rendering you powerless in the given situation. The instant reaction in such situations is that of rash discipline. Parents can become physically aggressive or say things that might harm the self-esteem of their child. Such parenting practices can lead to avoidant behavior in children in which they essentially do not consider any changes in their behavior. As a parent, you should ask yourself the reason you are scolding or punishing your child. What is it that you wish to see in the behavior of your child? One the child understands what is wrong with its behavior, it can improve it easily and resort to alternate behaviors or practices. Here are the three principal parenting styles that can turn your child into an avoidant, stubborn individual who would do anything to not get caught instead of admitting their mistake and bringing about a change in their behavior.

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