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5 Ayurvedic Tips Recommended by Experts to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Ayurveda is the traditional Indian study of how to attain a healthy lifestyle. The alternative medicine system based on ancient studies can offer some helpful tips and solutions for your hair care.

According to Art of Living, Ahara-Vihar which focuses on diet and lifestyle are two major factors that influence our body and the health of our hair. If you are following irregular dietary habits, poor diet, or battling an illness, deficiencies of any vitamin and mineral, it may reflect on the quality of hair, giving rise to problems like dandruff, early baldness and premature graying.

Let us take a look at some solutions to these hair problems that are offered in Ayurveda:

Massage: Stimulating your scalp with a soothing massage can increase blood flow to your hair roots. Art of Living recommends that one should keep their hair and scalp clean to avoid clogged hair follicles and itchiness. Combing your hair also helps stimulate oil-producing glands in the scalp. Art of Living recommends that massaging scalp with medicated herbal oils is found to be helpful to mental relaxation and to control mood swings as well.

Gentle Shampoo: It is also recommended that one should clean their scalp with a gentle shampoo. Avoid excessive use of shampoo, especially a harsh one, since it can lead to drying of scalp and damaged hair. Lukewarm or freshwater should be used to wash hair. Do not use extremely cold or hot water to wash your hair since that could also cause the scalp to go dry and develop itchiness. Avoid heating treatments on hair like blow dry as much as you can.

Use natural products on hair: Try to apply natural products like coconut oil, or yoghurt conditioner to repair damaged hair.

Stress Management: According to Art of Living, stress can lead to excessive hair fall, premature graying, dry, dull-looking, hair. It is recommended that one should consume herbal tea enriched with any one or more of brahmi or bacopa monnieri, mandookparni or centella asiatica, ashwagandha or withania somnifera and jatamansi or nardostachys jatamansi that supports natural ability to manage stress. Take out time to rest and relax and practice relaxing yoga and meditation to keep stress under control.

Follow a sleep routine: Make sure you receive at least seven hours of sleep daily so that your body can rejuvenate and relax. A stressed and tired body will ultimately affect your hair quality as well.

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