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The definitive step-by-step guide to sell your property

So, you’ve got your favourite lamp bubble-wrapped, the kettle in the box, and the cat in the carrier.

Not so fast, tiger. Moving out is not an episode of Selling Sunset, and sometimes the hardest part of the process is just understanding where to start.

Do you need an agent? Is it the right time to sell your place? Are you going to drown in hidden costs and fees?

Instead of hoping to turn into a property wizard reading dubious Wikihow articles overnight, follow this step-by-step guide on making the move without breaking the bank.

F is for Finances

First things first, get your finances in order to understand what your next move is. Can you really afford to sell up and move? If you have a mortgage, do you want to bring it with you you to the next property?

Whether you have some money to invest or your family is expanding, you’ll need to dive into the minutiae of your finances and compare them to the costs of selling a house, which go from stamp duty to removal company fees.

It’s a lot of maths to do, but it pays to do it early on.

Make your home look amazing

When’s the last time you cleaned those windows? Exactly. Spruce up your property and make it ready for valuations and viewings.

This means channelling the Marie Kondo that lives in you: scrub every inch of the property, have some repairs done if you need them, and make sure potential buyers see your cosy little alcove like their new dream palace.


How much is your home worth? It all starts with a valuation

Getting the right price is key. Potential buyers might be put off by a price that feels too high, but of course you want to make sure you’re getting as much as possible. It’s a fine balance.

The first step could be an online valuation, followed by an in-person one with an estate agent.

We know, you just gagged at the word ‘estate agent’.

But boy-oh-boy, have we got news for you.

Get a Strike estate agent

Strike is the fastest-growing estate agent in the UK and charges no fees. Zero. Nada. Niente.

There are no fees to value your property, no fees to list your flat, no fees to manage viewings or negotiate the best price.

Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not. Strike really does sell your home for free, saving you an average of £4,000 in fees.

The Strike model is different from other estate agents in that they only make money through their partners or their optional extras. If you choose to use one of them for mortgage advice or moving services, they get a fee — and they’ll always be upfront about that. And if you don’t use their extra services, that’s fine too. They’ll always sell your home for free.

They helped 15,026 people move in 2022 alone, and they sold faster and for an average of £6,800 more than any other top agent in the UK – Strike is changing what it means to be an estate agent.

Join the tens of thousands who have found a new way to sell their home, and book a valuation with Strike now.

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