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Valentine’s Week: 5 Best Financial Gift Ideas For Your Valentine This Year

The month of February has begun, and with it, the much anticipated Valentine’s Day is nearing too. Love and buzz around it is in the air already, as people contemplate on gifting ideas for their significant others, irrespective of age, gender and marital status on this special day to celebrate their relationship.

The idea of gifting something special has always associated with Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14 each year. However, it is not always mandatory to stick to the social norms while giving a priceless gift on the day to a significant other. Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, you can go beyond the societal norms to put stress on your partner’s financial well-being, and give them something that they would be able to cherish in the future.

Here are Some Financial Gift You Can Give Your Valentine on February 14 this Year

1. Discuss Your Financial Health Together: While you take your partner out for a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day, you can use it as an opportunity to discuss your financial health, your aims and aspirations. Plan out an investment strategy with your significant other and make sure to discuss each other’s assets and liabilities to be clear to each other for the days to come. You can be each other’s financial partner and share responsibilities equally

2. Invest in Their Future: Instead of giving your partner a lavish jewellery or that expensive i-Phone, gift them an amount of cash that they could utilise to fund their business or education, or other such goals that they may have. It does not necessarily have to be much, but will leave an impact in the long run.

3. Buy a Life Insurance: You can also invest in a life insurance this Valentine’s Day. With the Covid-19 pandemic still hounding the world, insurances have become an important part of life. Buying a life insurance for yourself and making your partner the nominee will not be selfish at all. Instead, it would imply that you care about them and want them to be financially stable when you are not around.

4. Love is All About Sharing: The primary markets have been dominantly buzzing for quite sometime now, and there is no better time to invest in some good shares in the name of your partner. You can buy shares from the brand that your partner loves to make them even happier. This will mark a beautiful start to your investment journey together.

5. A Gift of Credit: If you are sure enough, you can add your significant other or partner as an authorised user of your credit card and help them establish their credit. Here, you will remain the primary user and will be responsible for all the charges for the account, but your partner will be able to use your account too.

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