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Petrol Price Today Hiked for 7th Day in a Row, Crosses Rs 110 in Delhi. Fuel Rates Here

There is no relief for the common man as petrol prices were hiked for the seventh consecutive day. Due to the latest increase in the unrelenting hike in international oil prices, the pump rates across the country have been pushed to their highest-ever levels. According to a price notification of state-owned fuel retailers, on Tuesday, November 2, petrol prices surged by 35 paise per litre each, however, there was no increase in the diesel prices today.

Petrol now costs Rs. 110.04 a litre in Delhi and the rates have crossed Rs. 115-mark in Mumbai. A litre of petrol in the financial capital is being sold at Rs 115.85. As no surge was witnessed in diesel prices, the rates currently stand at Rs. 98.42 a litre in Delhi and Rs. 106.62 in Mumbai. As for Kolkata and Chennai, the petrol and diesel prices are Rs. 110.49 and Rs. 101.56 and Rs. 106.66 and Rs. 102.59. In Bengaluru, commuters can buy petrol at Rs. 113.93 per litre, while diesel is sold at Rs. 104.50. The fuel costs in Hyderabad are Rs. 114.49 per litre for petrol and Rs 107.40 per litre for diesel. As of now, the costliest fuel is being sold in the border town of Ganganagar, Rajasthan. In this town, a litre of petrol comes for Rs. 122.70 and a litre of diesel is sold for 113.21 per litre.

Since September 28, petrol prices have been revised on 27 occasions. Meanwhile, the Central government is in talks with a couple of oil-exporting countries over the issue of supply and demand of oils. However, there is no possibility of immediate relief in prices.

Brent crude oil gained 28 cents, or 0.3 per cent, and rose to $84.99 (Rs. 6361.40) per barrel. On the other hand, the U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures rose by 19 cents, to $84.24 (Rs. 6305.26) a barrel.

Following are the fuel prices in a few cities of the country:


Petrol – Rs 115.85 per litre

Diesel – Rs 106.62 per litre


Petrol – Rs 110.04 per litre

Diesel – Rs 98.42 per litre


Petrol – Rs 106.66 per litre

Diesel – Rs 102.59 per litre


Petrol – Rs 110.49 per litre

Diesel – Rs 101.56 per litre


Petrol – Rs 114.49 per litre

Diesel – Rs 107.40 per litre


Petrol – Rs 113.93 per litre

Diesel – Rs 104.50 per litre


Petrol – Rs 118.81 per litre

Diesel – Rs 107.90 per litre


Petrol – Rs 106.09 per litre

Diesel – Rs 98.36 per litre


Petrol – Rs 106.96 per litre

Diesel – Rs 98.91 per litre


Petrol – Rs 106.88 per litre

Diesel – Rs 106.33 per litre


Petrol – Rs 112.42 per litre

Diesel – Rs 105.85 per litre


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