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Tips for households to help minimise costs when using energy

With households facing paying more for their energy, here are some general tips from GoCompare to help minimise the cost increases:

1. Turning off lights in rooms when they are not being used can help a household save around £14 a year.

2. Lowering the temperature on a thermostat by one degree could help homeowners save up to £60 annually. If you schedule your heating, do it to come on when you are home and if it is not that cold, turn it off. Remember to turn off radiators in rooms you are not using.

3. Keep doors closed to stop the dilution of heat across the house.

4. Plug gaps in your windows and try to draught-proof windows and doors, particularly as the temperature drops. Warm air can easily escape through the gaps, wasting energy.

5. Using a water-efficient shower head may help you save money. You would need to weigh up the cost of the new shower head versus the cost of energy you will save.

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