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What MasterClass Has Taught Its Founder About Entrepreneurship

Welcome to Inc.’s Founders Project With Alexa Von Tobel podcast–where we bring you stories of the entrepreneurs building the future. Listen to the tales of guts, inspiration, and drive that define the people and companies at the forefront of technology. Each week, we dig into a founder’s professional playbook–and uncover what makes them tick. On this week’s episode:

How to Lean Into the Impossible with David Rogier of MasterClass

Growing up, David’s grandmother instilled an important lesson: that the only thing someone can’t take away from you is your education. So when a mentor of David’s offered to back him as an entrepreneur, he decided to bring the joy back to education and build a school that everyone would want to attend. In 2015, he launched MasterClass, which now provides classes from 100+ of the world’s best practitioners (from Serena Williams to Martin Scorsese). MasterClass has grown into one of the largest online learning platforms in the world and was most recently valued at nearly $3 billion dollars. Rogier shares why a childhood stutter impacted his entrepreneurial ambitions, why starting with the best teachers was critical to his business strategy, and the importance of getting two opinions (and no more) when making a hard decision.

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