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The One Recurring Meeting You Must Have On Your Calendar in 2022

Most of us are sick of meetings at this point. We get to the office, pour ourselves a cup of coffee and cringe a little as we open up our calendar to see what lies in store for us. Maybe it’s a light day and you have some time to get a little work done in between calls, or maybe it’s a heavy day and you just know that finding time for lunch or bio breaks is going to be a challenge. Wherever the day falls on that spectrum, it’s still a given that you are probably spending far too much time in meetings and not enough time working on the things that will really help your business progress and move forward.

So what I am about to suggest may be a little controversial. I think that you should add a new standing meeting to your calendar every week for the next year.

A Meeting that Matters

That’s right. I want every business owner to create a standing four to six hour meeting once a week (you pick the day of the week) for the next fifty two weeks. Now, I can hear what you are saying “David, I don’t have time for that!” or for the mathematical ones in the group “David, that is 312 hours of meetings- it is going to cost me a fortune!” And on the surface, it may be difficult to justify. I would never suggest that you sit on a zoom call with your team for three hundred plus hours this year. Nor would I suggest that you spend that time on the phone or in face to face meetings. What I am suggesting is that you commit to spending three hundred and twelve hours this year on growing your business. I want you to set up a recurring meeting with your business. Where you give it your undivided attention each and every week.

Compounded Growth

Imagine what it would look like to check in with your business and it’s needs at least once a week. Imagine what it would look like to learn what is working and what isn’t and then have the time and energy to devote to doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. That is the power of setting up a meeting with yourself. Now think about what it would look like if everyone on your leadership team made a commitment to do the same. The compounded growth that you would experience over the course of a quarter, six months or even a year would be something that you may have never thought possible for your business. At the end of the year, your business may be unrecognizable, in a really good way.

Not all meetings are created equal. This one could make the difference between remaining stagnant and reaching the next level of growth. So go ahead, block your calendar and if anyone asks to meet with you during your standing meeting time, tell them that you have a more important meeting to attend but will meet with them tomorrow. Good luck!

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