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Is Subliminal Messaging Right for Your Ad Copy?

Creating the “perfect” ad copy is a daunting task. I have been writing Google Ads for decades and still get frustrated at times trying to find the perfect way to make the value of what I offer clear, concise, and engaging.

There is a tool I have started using that provides quality results – subliminal messaging. Here’s how to use this in your Ad copy and how to know when it is appropriate.

The Potential Impact of Subliminal Messaging

As a marketer, brand, or business owner, you may be focused on creating ad copy that includes what you want to say, which is great. However, you can’t forget what you want users to feel, too.

Subliminal messaging doesn’t produce a conscious awareness but will work to evoke a response. Using it can become a powerful tool in your ad-writing arsenal.

Some ways you can use this to evoke users to respond include:

Build a Sense of Urgency

Seeing phrases like “Buy Now!” in ad copy is clearly a call to action. However, there are less important components, such as creating your CTA (call to action) with a subliminal sense of urgency can be equally effective.

A method to do this is to create a countdown. With this, you can show people how long they have to take advantage of what is being offered. Implementing a countdown creates a sense of FOMO. It can be for an upcoming event, discount, or something similar.

You can add these countdowns to different parts of the ad, including the path, text, and title.

The goal is to make users feel like they have a limited amount of time to complete a conversion and ensure they don’t miss out on what you are offering.

Ad Connectedness and Personalization

Creating personalized ads helps consumers feel connected with your brand and what you are trying to accomplish.

Use keyword insertion in your ad copy. This is where your matched keyword, based on the search query entered by a user, is dynamically inserted into your ad copy.

You can do this with your ad’s URL path, text, and title.

Look at keyword insertion as the paid search method of mirroring someone. This is a psychological tactic of mirroring or copying someone’s nonverbal or verbal behavior to create feelings of trust and familiarity.

While this tactic may not increase CTR (click-through rate), you will notice other benefits. This includes improved relevancy scores from search engine algorithms, resulting in higher quality scores and ad rank improvements. It may even cause lower CPCs (cost per click).

Using Subliminal Messaging in Your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads

There are several ways you can use subliminal messaging for your PPC ads. Be sure to keep these tips in mind, which will help ensure you have the best possible outcome.

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