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‘Vladimir Putin is now terribly scared’, claims former FSB general

Russian President Vladimir Putin is at odds with his Western partners on a host of issues Photo: SPUTNIK / Alexey NIKOLSKY


  • A former Russian secret service general said Putin is “terribly terrified”
  • Recent footage of the Russian President have sparked rumours about his health condition
  • Putin’s chances of winning the conflict with Ukraine were much lower than he anticipated

A former Russian secret service general accused Vladimir Putin of being “terribly terrified” on Friday, fuelling suspicions that his position as the leader of the Kremlin is becoming increasingly untenable.

There were persistent rumours and speculations about Putin’s deteriorating health, unstable mental state, and precarious position from long before the Russian president gave the order to invade Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022. The rumours have only become worse in the year since, due to the impact of the war.

There have also been rumours regarding a Kremlin plot which aimed to remove Putin or find a replacement amid his military’s failures in Ukraine. The Russian president’s troops were unable to achieve any significant progress on the one-year anniversary of the conflict in Ukraine.

General Yevgeny Savostyanov, the former chief of the Moscow division of the Federal Security Service (FSB), stated that the Russian leader had a terrible misreading of the West’s resolve to oppose him and failed to realise his army’s incompetence.

“Putin perfectly understands the mood of people who have lost everything because of him. He understands this anger can find a way out, so he keeps them away. Putin is now terribly scared. He understands that he is in trouble,” said Savostyanov. He added that Putin had lived happily yet, he ruined everything with his own hands.

On Thursday, leaked documents suggested the FSB misled Putin about his chances of victory in Ukraine, assuring the leader that his forces would be able to capture Kyiv in just three days and that Ukrainians would welcome Russian troops with open arms.

However, his chances of winning the conflict were much lower than predicted given that Volodymyr Zelensky still remains as Ukraine’s president and the Russian forces are being pinned down in the east.

Although Russia has so far been able to mitigate the impact of Western sanctions, Savostyanov stated that the people “will live very poorly no matter what.”

The Russian president has long been popularised in state media as a strong and admirable leader thanks to his physical abilities as a hunter, martial artist, ice hockey player, and horseman. In an effort to highlight his physique, the Kremlin has in the past issued images that appear to show him riding bare-chested on a horse, lounging topless in the sun, and beating other judo fighters and winning matches.

However, now at the age of 70, Putin no longer lives up to the appearance and image that was previously created of him. Instead, in some footage released in recent times, he appears to be struggling with motor control and is seen to have trouble controlling his movements. He’s seen clinging to the side of a desk, restlessly shifting his weight while being seated, and tapping his feet uncontrollably while speaking to officials.

Such signs may be indicators of potential ill-health that have coincided with Putin’s choice to cancel multiple public appearances and scheduled engagements.

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