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Spotify wants ‘controversial’ content in Meghan Markle’s podcast from Prince Harry: report

Spotify bosses are reportedly looking for ways to get Prince Harry involved in Meghan Markle‘s podcast because they feel that he could attract more money with his input about his royal family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed a multi-million deal with the streamer to release original content under Archewell Audio in 2020. They have so far only released one programme, the “Archetypes” podcast hosted by the duchess, which is now on its fourth episode.

The first two episodes made headlines after Meghan Markle recalled her experiences as a working royal. Her revelations had royal watchers intrigued and critics raising eyebrows. Now bosses over at Spotify allegedly want more of the same content in future episodes.

So much so, that they want Prince Harry involved because they feel that he can bring in more listeners. The 38-year-old has so far only appeared in the first episode when he popped in for a quick chat with Serena Williams.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, royal commenter Neil Sean said that producers want more truth bombs about the couple’s royal life in future episodes. He cited a “very good source” who claimed that “Spotify and the production team would like to see more of their money.”

He explained, “And when I say money, what I really mean is we want to see Prince Harry. They’re looking now for more involvement from Prince Harry as they believe he really is the money person.”

Sean claimed that the Duke of Sussex “is the one that can get headlines because if he has a thought or says something, perhaps something rather controversial, it will get headlines and they hope that more people will tune into Spotify.”

He can reportedly help Spotify with “ratings, clicks, eyeballs.” Sean thinks that if the Duchess of Sussex does not bring in Prince Harry to her podcast “when contract negotiations come around next time” then “she could find that people aren’t wild” about her.

In her first “Archetypes” Spotify podcast episode, Meghan Markle lamented the fact that she and Prince Harry had to do one final engagement in South Africa just moments after Archie’s nursery caught fire. They were not allowed to cancel so they could be with their child. Then in the second episode, she admitted that she only knew what it felt like to be treated as a black woman after she married into the royal family.

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Photo by: Archewell Audio/Spotify
Archewell Audio/Spotify
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