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Google Maps set to get big upgrades, some backed by AI-like algorithms

Google Maps is slated to receive 3 big features, coupled with equally important updates

Google is gearing up to roll out three new exciting features, as well as some updates to Google Maps. Some of these awe-inspiring features will be based on AI-like algorithms. This is a big deal considering that millions of people use Google Maps on a regular basis.

It is no secret that even a minor change to the web mapping platform from Google will have a significant impact. According to the folks at Tom’s Guide, these new changes aren’t minor. Notably, the search giant announced the changes earlier this week. However, they are slated to roll out in July.

Interestingly, these updates to Google Maps have been announced just a couple of months after Apple updated its Maps app with features like improved road coverage, better navigation, and more. To recap, Google confirmed that it is prepping to bring a new Immersive View for routes back at Google I/O 2023.

Google is expanding Immersive View

This new Immersive View uses AI-like algorithms that blend a large number of images, which are sourced from the internet, into a user-navigable 3D rendering of the area. Aside from this, users can get an idea of what it will look like in different conditions simply by adjusting the weather and time of day sliders.

The available data can sometimes come in handy for doing things like peeking into restaurants. In a blog post, VP of Google Maps Experiences Miriam Daniel confirmed that the company will start rolling out Immersive View to four new cities including Venice, Florence, Dublin, and Amsterdam in the coming months. It will also encompass more than 500 popular landmarks worldwide like the Eiffel Tower or Prague Castle.

Glanceable directions

Google will introduce another new feature dubbed glanceable directions, which alludes to a simplified version of the existing navigation mode. The new glanceable directions feature gives you simple directions along with your ETA in a very quick-to-understand format.

Moreover, glanceable directions can be configured to show a simplified view of the standard route planning interface. This setup displays the location at the bottom, the map in the middle, and the address on top. Normally, when you hit the Directions button, you have to drive using the guidance screen.

However, the map view stays up in glanceable directions, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the route. Moreover, the new glanceable directions feature is compatible with iOS and Android lock screens. As a result, you will not have to keep your phone on and unlocked to use it as a GPS substitute.

The Recent tab in Google Maps is getting more impressive

Google has been rolling out a slew of advanced features lately. The company recently launched an AI tool called Imagen Editor that uses generative AI to recreate pictures in one sentence. Last year, the American tech giant added a new Google Chrome feature dubbed Journeys that allows users to restart their search journey from where they left off.

Now, Google is bringing a similar feature to Google Maps. The Recents tab in Google Maps will be better at remembering your trips. Moreover, the recent trips will be saved even if you close the browser. Although this is not a big change, it will make this trip-planning feature easier to use.

Final words

These recently rolled-out features are likely to improve the overall experience of using Google Maps. While the new AI-powered Immersive Views seems like the most exciting new feature, glanceable directions could turn out to be the most useful feature headed to Google Maps.

Google says using glanceable directions is quite simple. After opting in, all you need to do to use this feature is to request directions to your destination. According to a Techlusive report, Google is planning to roll out glanceable directions for driving, cycling, and walking modes on iOS and Android later this month.

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