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FIFA World Cup: Star goalkeeper receives indecent proposal from OnlyFans model

As kickoff approaches, football fever has hit most of the world just weeks ahead of the opening ceremonies for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. All around the globe, excitement is reaching fever pitch, with fans looking for every way to show support to their respective national teams.

In Mexico, a popular OnlyFans model named Wanda Espinosa has started a controversy after making an “indecent proposal” to Mexico’s veteran goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.

Espinosa is a former “Enamorándonos” contestant, who is now raking in the cash by providing exclusive oftentimes racy content for her Only Fans subscribers. She has shot to fame and notoriety, and is now regarded as a celebrity in Mexico and neighbouring Latin American countries.

While appearing as a guest on Argentine programme “Elo Podcast,” she was asked about the upcoming World Cup and how she plans to encourage her compatriots.

She then focused on Club America goalkeeper and Mexican National Team captain Guillermo Ocha. “Memito, I’m going to f*ck you so hard that you’re going to be happier than if we win the World Cup,” she said, to the shock and amusement of the podcast listeners.

Ochoa has not responded to the offer, at least not publicly. However, he is known to have been married to model Karla Mora since 2017. The couple share three children, and are believed to still be together.

Espinosa put her offer out there, but it may or may not have been meant as a joke. In fact, she is not the only public figure to have sent such “encouraging messages” to footballers. According to Marca, former Televisa Deportes host Daniella Chavez also pledged Mexican player Alvaro Fidalgo a free subscription to her OnlyFans page.

While fans are openly showing their naughty side when it comes to supporting their teams, those who are travelling to Qatar are being warned to watch their behaviour. The country is known to prohibit promiscuity especially between unmarried couples as well as same-sex partners.

Guillermo Ochoa was one of the outstanding goalkeepers at the World Cup in Brazil.
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