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‘Bloodborne 2’ update: Sony’s social media post sparks speculation about the sequel

A screenshot from Bloodborne expansion The Old Hunters.
From Software

Fans of the original game have been clamoring for a “Bloodborne 2” release for years. A recent post by the official Sony Twitter account sparked speculations about the game once more and, as expected, generated heated reactions from fans.

Sony posts a tweet about ‘Bloodborne’

Last month, the official Sony Twitter account made a faux pas by posting a tweet that reignited rumors and speculations about “Bloodborne 2.” The Twitter post featured a zoomed-in photo of a part of Bloodborne’s box art and was captioned with the question, “Which PlayStation game cover are we focusing in on?”

‘Bloodborne’ fans react

Sony should have known better before teasing a fan base that has been clamoring for a “Bloodborne 2” release for years. As expected, the responses to the seemingly innocent post are as crazy as they could get.

While Sony’s post sparked speculations by some excited fans that “Bloodborne 2” might be in the works, the post appeared to have angered more than a few as well, according to PlayStationLifestyle.net. In fact, the post has angered some fans who complained over the lack of a sequel. Understandably, Sony quickly deleted the post amidst the commotion it generated.

There has been much discussion about the sequel to one of the best PS4 exclusives and the best game from FromSoftware. Many people are perplexed as to why Sony is remastering everything under the sun while ignoring “Bloodborne” to the extent that even a 60 fps improvement appears unlikely.

Interest in ‘Bloodborne 2’ remain high

Funny thing is, Sony has probably never paid Bloodborne this much attention before, noted PushSquare.com. The beloved PS4 action RPG hasn’t been mentioned in what feels like forever. Either the person who posted this tweet is tone-deaf or some social media management is having a laugh.

If anything, this only serves to emphasize how in high demand a Bloodborne sequel is. It seems absurd that Sony hasn’t made the most of the PS4 exclusive, especially given that it appears to be more than willing to rebuild or even rerelease other last-gen games on the PS5.



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