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Samsung working on a Galaxy Watch with built-in projector, new patent suggests

Smartwatches have come a long way since they were introduced. Modern smartwatches are more advanced in terms of tracking the wearer’s health and monitoring their lifestyle than previously launched smart wearables. Newfangled smartwatches also boast an impressive array of applicable features.

Samsung has been at the forefront of the smartwatch segment for quite some time now. To further tighten its grip on the smartwatch market, the Korean tech giant recently filed an interesting patent application. The patent application suggests Samsung is working on a Galaxy Watch that has a built-in projector.

It is still unclear when this purported smartwatch with an integrated projector could go official. Also, it is worth mentioning here that patent applications do not necessarily imply the product will see the light of day. The new patent application reveals the projector will sit inside the watch strap.

As a result, it will be simple to use, and practical for frequent travelers. Aside from this, the patent indicates the Galaxy Watch will feature four different types of sensors. These sensors will be capable of automatically changing the focus and orientation of the projected image. Moreover, the watch will use a sensor to detect surfaces.

The patent schematics reveal the number of LEDs and lenses that are set in two separate rows. They would come in handy for projecting an image onto the wearer’s hand without distortion. However, the image will not be shown correctly if the wearer’s wrist is not absolutely straight.

According to the patent, the projector will mirror the smartwatch’s main screen on the hand or any other adjacent surface. Alternatively, it can show additional information on a part of the body or any larger area compared to the smartwatch screen. Also, the filing reveals the projection can exhibit information that’s not shown on the display module.

According to a report by Wareable (via SamMobile), this is a sign that wearers will be able to watch videos sent to them via WhatsApp or other messaging apps. This is merely one use-case scenario. There is also a possibility that the smartwatch will support video calling through a camera module.

The Galaxy Watch series is likely to undergo some radical overhauls before Samsung adopts this technology. Also, this could turn out to be a patent that the Korean brand filed out of the blue, and is just a part of the company’s vast patent portfolio.

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