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Prince Harry, William, palace aides want to take ‘wicked’ Camilla down: report

Prince Harry and Prince William reportedly share a contempt for their stepmother Camilla and have been scheming to take her down. But this shared hatred is not enough to heal their relationship.

In his interview with Anderson Cooper, the Duke of Sussex had labelled his stepmother a “villain” and “dangerous” due to her desire to rehabilitate her image from being his father’s mistress. He had accused her of leaking stories to the British tabloids for her own sake.

Then in his memoir “Spare,” Prince Harry shared how he and Prince William tried to convince their father not to marry Camilla. They were against her from the start and wrote, “Willy had been suspicious of the Other Woman for a long time, which confused and tormented him.”

He added, “Despite Willy and me urging him not to, Pa was going ahead” with the marriage. He said he and his brother only accepted that Camilla was going to be their stepmother when they recognised that their father “was finally going to be with the woman he’d always loved.”

Despite her becoming a part of the royal family for decades, Prince Harry and Prince William reportedly still hate Camilla. Palace staff allegedly also do not think of her highly. According unconfirmed reports from Globe, she is “hated by the rest of the royals, and palace staffers are revolting against” her and they allegedly call her a “wicked, evil, and dangerous witch.”

The newspaper claimed that Prince William and Prince Harry are “united in their contempt for Camilla, though it won’t be enough to heal their rift. They both want their stepmother to get her comeuppance.”

The publication further alleged that the late Queen Elizabeth II “despised” the former Duchess of Cornwall and referred to her as “that wicked woman.” She reportedly never accepted her as her son’s wife although King Charles III allegedly made sure that the public never found out to make her “coronation palatable to the public.”

Camilla is reportedly on the “brink of a terrible fall” as “defiant royal aides intend to push her over the edge.” However, claims that palace aides, Prince Harry and Prince William want to take Camilla down are baseless and are likely meant to destroy her image ahead of her coronation alongside King Charles III on May 6.

King Charles III, Duke of Rothesay and Camilla, attend a naming ceremony for the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales at Rosyth Dockyard
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