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Neymar gets slammed by neighbours including mayor, for late-night parties

Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar Jr. is often the subject of criticism almost as much for his performances on the pitch as his lifestyle off it. The latest controversy surrounds the Brazilian footballer’s home in the outskirts of Paris, and the annoyance of his neighbours over his massive parties.

Neymar lives in a mansion in the town of Bougival, which is an upscale neighbourhood just a few minutes away from downtown Paris. He has lived in the estate since joining PSG in 2017. The area provides space and exclusivity while also being conveniently close to Parc des Princes and the club’s other facilities.

However, according to local publication Le Parisien, many of the Brazilian forward’s neighbours are not pleased by his presence especially when he has something big to celebrate. The most recent party came on the occasion of Neymar’s 31st birthday on February 5.

He allegedly partied from the early afternoon until midnight, and even the mayor of Bougival, Luc Wattelle, was forced to speak up. He reportedly lives just across the street from the footballer, giving him a court-side view of the revelry.

“He is an individual without respect. They were once too much. He brought tents, an orchestra, a whole sound system. I live across the street and my windows were shaking,” he told Le Parisien.

Others who live as far as 600 meters away say that they can hear the music from their homes as well. “This person has no respect, the fact that he is Neymar does not excuse him. Some of those parties lasted 48 hours,” said another neighbor.

Apart from the loud music and roaring engings, women could also be heard screaming loudly while partying. However, one neighbour was a bit more understanding, telling L’Equipe that it’s understandable for the young footballer to party about three times a year.

The unnamed sympathetic neighbour also claimed that people complain and the situation becomes blown up because it’s about a famous person like Neymar.

Neymar has previously spoken up about the criticism he gets for his lifestyle. He said that people do not know the level of dedication he puts into staying in shape and healthy in order to be able to continue playing at the top level. He admitted that he does have some fun, but that did not mean that he is not taking care of himself and keeping his responsibilities in mind.

Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe together before PSG’s game against Auxerre in Paris in November AFP / FRANCK FIFE
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