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Where Was ‘Coyote Creek Christmas’ Filmed? See Cast Stories

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Coyote Creek Christmas

The Hallmark Channel’s “Coyote Creek Christmas” premieres on Saturday, October 30 at 8 p.m. Eastern. The movie stars Janel Parrish, Ryan Paevey, and Azriel Dalman. Read on to learn all about where the movie’s filmed and see cast stories.

If you miss the premiere, the movie will re-air on October 31 at 6 p.m. Eastern, November 4 at 8 p.m., November 13 at 2 p.m., November 18 at 10 a.m., November 23 at 4 p.m., and November 30 at 12 a.m. Eastern.

‘Coyote Creek Christmas’ Was Filmed in Canada

Where Was ‘Coyote Creek Christmas’ Filmed? See Cast Stories

Crown Media

“Coyote Creek Christmas” was filmed in Canada, including the Vancouver, British Columbia region, ACFC West reported. Filming was August 16-September 3.

Parrish shared some behind-the-scenes photos in a post announcing the movie.

Dalman wrote in a post while filming that they have “a million adorable photos we cannot post yet.”

Producer Antonio Cupo gave a behind-the-scenes glimpse, saying that he had “the best crew right here.”

Dalman shared a photo from Day 11 of 15 days of filming.

He said that Paevey took him to movies while they were filming.

The cast is close and some of them met up again after filming was done.

They had a lot of fun on set.

Linda Minard said working on this movie was a dream come true for her.

Meet the Cast

Where Was ‘Coyote Creek Christmas’ Filmed? See Cast Stories

Crown MediaNaomi King, Janel Parrish, Cameron Bancroft, Linda Minard

The synopsis reads: “While throwing a ‘Christmas Around the World’ party at her family’s inn, an event planner discovers Christmas magic with a charming father-son duo whose presence brings about tension and joy.”

Where Was ‘Coyote Creek Christmas’ Filmed? See Cast Stories

Crown Media

Janel Parrish is Paige. The movie’s premiering on her birthday.

Parish’s credits include starring as Margot in the “To All the Boys” series of movies, “Right in Front of Me,” “Holly & Ivy” (a 2020 Christmas movie for Hallmark), “Pretty Little Liars” (Mona), “Until We Meet Again,”  “Heroes” (May), and more. She was a contestant in “Dancing with the Stars” during season 19, where she placed third.

Where Was ‘Coyote Creek Christmas’ Filmed? See Cast Stories

Crown Media

Ryan Paevey is Dylan.

Paevey’s previous credits include “A Little Daytime Drama” which just aired on The Hallmark Channel, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” “A Timeless Christmas” which aired in 2020, “Matching Hearts,” “Christmas at the Plaza,” “A Summer Romance,” “Hope at Christmas,” and the “Mr. Darcy” movie series for Hallmark. He also starred as Nathan West on “General Hospital.”

Paevey makes jewelry by hand, Parade reported. His business is called Fortunate Wanderer and it’s based in Los Angeles. On his website, he says he founded the business to share prints of his photography and it has since grown to encompass much more.

Where Was ‘Coyote Creek Christmas’ Filmed? See Cast Stories

Crown MediaAzriel Dalman

Azriel Dalman is Noah.

This is his first Hallmark movie, but he’s also starring in a movie with Halle Berry called “Moonfall” and he’s going to be in Netflix’s “Scaredy Cats.”

Since filming “Coyote Creek Christmas,” he’s filmed three more Hallmark movies.

He and Paevey still keep in touch. He recently tagged Paevey in a post about a hike and Paevey wrote back, “Aw man, I would’ve joined for sure! Proud of ya kiddo, keep moving mountains.”

Also starring are:

  • Adriana Ravalli (Mia)
  • Naomi King (Quinn)
  • Linda Minard (Linda)
  • Cameron Bancroft (Rick)
  • Marc-Anthony Massiah (George)
  • Brad Bergeron (Jack)
  • Dolores Drake (Julie)
  • Lorna Rose Harris (Leah)
  • Madeleine Kelders (Andrea)
  • Nimet Kanji (Sara)
  • Daylin Willis (Concierge)
  • Esme Borisoff (Bell Hop)
  • Odin Helgason (Icelandic Guest 1)
  • Kristjana Helgason (Icelandic Guest 2)
  • Manny Hernandez (Mr. Alvarez)
  • Ana-Maria Alvarado (Mrs. Alvarez)
  • Taka Hiro (Mr. Tanaka)
  • Gayle Yamamoto (Mrs. Tanaka)
  • Carmela Cupo (Mrs. Francesca)

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