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WATCH: Farrah Abraham’s Mom Dances in Graveyard in New Music Video


Debra Danielsen

In Debra Danielsen’s latest music video, the 63-year-old struts her stuff with some zombies in a graveyard.

The song is titled “Bullets & Booze,” and features actors dressed up as zombies in a graveyard who then visit the bar where Danielsen is waiting in a black suit and top hat.

‘Bullets & Booze’ – Official Music Video | Debra Danielsen MusicThe OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for my song “Bullets & Booze”. Download/Stream “Bullets & Booze” Here: unitedmasters.com/m/603e910486f548525fa59f77 #DebzOG #DebraDMusic #DebraDanielsen2021-10-14T04:00:30Z

Danielsen captioned her Instagram post promoting the video: “‘Bullets & Booze’ OFFICIAL Music Video just released on YouTube! Click link in bio and head over to my channel. You’re gonna LOVE this one!”

But do fans all really love it? And what’s the latest on Danielsen and her daughter, Farrah Abraham?

Here’s what you need to know:

‘Please Stop’

Fans have had shared heated remarks about the video.

One person wrote on Instagram, “This puts the Tack in Tacky.”

Another added, “what’s wrong with this lady, she thinks she’s only 20 years. Come one she’s a grandma now, acting like a grandma.”

On YouTube, however, fans seemed to be a bit more accepting of the video, with one person writing, “Great job Deb! I’ve got this song stuck in my head now.”

Another wrote, “Omg literally love it Deb! Good work.”

Danielsen Hasn’t Spoken to Her Daughter for ‘Quite Some Time’

In early October 2021, Danielsen was interviewed by The Sun, where she said of her daughter, “We haven’t talked for quite some time. May was the last time I spoke to her.”

Asked why, she said it was a “private matter,” and that she has no relationship with her granddaughter, either.

She concluded, “Sometimes you feel like you’re owed an apology. When you love people, like Christ loves us and forgives us, we need to do likewise. Love each other, forgive each other and work together. That’s where I’m at. What mother would not want that?”

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When Danielsen was interviewed by Chris Hansen in September 2021, she was asked if being part of the “Teen Mom” franchise was worth it.

Danielsen told Hansen: “I would say that the show created an atmosphere of entitlement that a person could do anything they wanted to do without regard or respect for their family or their parents. And so, it created almost a monster situation.”

Danielsen has appeared on more than just “16 & Pregnant.” She not only starred on MTV’s “Teen Mom” and “Teen Mom OG”, but was featured on “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition” with her daughter and ex-husband.

When Hansen asked Danielsen if she ever exploited her daughter for fame, she said: “Nope, nope, I never exploited my daughter, I tried to help my daughter. I threw myself in front of the bus I don’t even know how many times, and I never took anything, not one dime ever, and I had to pay for things in the background and I financed everything. So, nope, it’s a totally different scenario.”

Reddit users, however, don’t agree.

One user responded to the interview on Reddit by writing, “It doesn’t get much more entitled than stealing $40k and counting from an 84 y.o. parent to play dress-up and rap star.”

Another added, “They are both just as entitled as each other. How anybody would want to be around such toxic people is just unbelievable to me.”

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