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Val Chmerkovskiy Gets Son Rome Giggling & Highlights a DWTS Pal’s Work


Val Chmerkovskiy adores his son Rome.

“Dancing with the Stars” professional dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy became a father for the first time in January, and he frequently shares updates on life with his son and DWTS pro dancer wife Jenna Johnson on his Instagram page.

A recent update from Chmerkovskiy had DWTS fans swooning over how adorable the father-and-son duo was. In addition, several followers also noticed a sweet detail regarding the music Chmerkovskiy chose to use.

Here’s what you need to know:

Val Chmerkovskiy’s Son Rome Was Having a Blast

On July 19, Chmerkovskiy shared a short video on his Instagram page showing him with Rome. The two lay on their backs on the bed and the “Dancing with the Stars” pro filmed them from above. Their heads were angled toward one another and Chmerkovskiy was shirtless as his son appeared to be in some zip-up baby pajamas.

Chmerkovskiy zoomed in and out with the video and Rome giggled consistently throughout the clip. Rome’s laughs and squeals made Chmerkovskiy laugh as well, and he turned a couple of times to kiss his son. The dancing pro made a few faces while he filmed, and reached over to give his son a tummy tickle at one point as well. Rome seemed to think everything his dad did was hilarious.

The “Dancing with the Stars” pro determined the video needed no specific explanation, as Chmerkovskiy put simply an emoji in the caption. His sister-in-law, Peta Murgatroyd, referred to Rome as “Buddy” and added some similar emoji to a comment she made. Fans loved the video as well.

“So squishy and such a love with his baby sounds,” commented one supporter.

“These two are just the cutest. He’s so loved by daddy,” added another.

“Valentin in his dad era is pretty cool and adorable,” someone else gushed.

Chmerkovskiy Chose a Colleague’s Song to Go With His Video

Some “Dancing with the Stars” fans noticed that Chmerkovskiy chose a very specific song to accompany his fun shenanigans with Rome. The audio tag on the post referenced the Alexander Jean song “Sounds Like Fun,” a song that just debuted at the end of June.

The duo Alexander Jean is comprised of retired “Dancing with the Stars” pro Mark Ballas and his wife, BC Jean. The pair shared their newest song, “Sounds Like Fun,” on Instagram on June 30, and Chmerkovskiy seemed to think it was the perfect choice for his video.

“Love the Alexander Jean in the background,” a fan pointed out.

“Love that song by Mark and his wife. So cute to have a baby that looks just like your wife,” noted someone else.

“Listening to Alexander Jean love it. Rome is a doll,” read another comment.

This was not the first time that Chmerkovskiy connected with Ballas over music. More than a decade ago, the two men coordinated a performance for “Dancing with the Stars” that featured both their dancing and musical abilities.

Their “Toxic” duel Chmerkovskiy on the violin and Ballas on the guitar. They also danced, bringing in former “Dancing with the Stars” pro Lacey Schwimmer and former “So You Think You Can Dance” star Tanisha Belnap as partners. Chmerkovskiy’s recent Instagram post wasn’t the same type of collaboration, but fans still got a kick out of it.

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