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Who is Phoenix on The Masked Singer? All the clues so far

Phoenix has made it all the way to the final of The Masked Singer.

The singing competition series, in which celebrities compete anonymously behind giant anthropomorphic costumes, returned on New Year’s Day.

Among the group of contestants was Phoenix, who was shown in their VT standing within a grand castle and explaining in a posh accent that “I am rather hot, aren’t I?”

“Fire” by Kasabian then played as Phoenix said that they had risen from the ashes and been “born anew” and “reincarnated”.

They also said that they were good with “mysteries” and “following a trail”, while Phoenix was shown inspecting foot prints with a magnifying glass.

Phoenix’s first performance was a jazz version of “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. While performing, they sang with an American accent.

The judges loved Phoenix’s performance, with Jonathan Ross guessing that David Tennant – who is known to be a fan of the show – was behind the mask.

Rita Ora said that she was “confused” as to Phoenix’s identity and guessed Take That star Jason Orange.

Davina McCall, meanwhile, said that the reincarnation themes made her think of a former child star and took a punt at Nicholas Hoult.

Phoenix appeared in the first episode of ‘The Masked Singer’


Calling back to an episode of Who Do You Think You Are?, Mo Gilligan went for Joe Sugg, as he knew that the YouTuber’s family had survived the Great Fire of London. He also suggested Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall based on his hair colour.

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Phoenix then dropped one final clue, telling the judges that they have “been a catchphrase”.

On social media, Twitter users echoed Ross’s thought that Tennant was behind Phoenix’s feathers, with one commenter writing: “Phoenix is definitely David Tennant!”

Others suggested it could be his Doctor Who co-star John Simm.

During the episode on 14 January, Phoenix performed “Loco in Acapulco” by The Four Tops.

“For my first performance, I set the stage on fire,” they said. “But the panel weren’t so lucky with my name. OK I’m ready for my close-up… shall we begin?”

This last clue prompted the panel to guess that Phoenix has a link to movies. He then made reference to being “independent”… could it be an independent film star?

“I’m magical If you keep your eyes open, then you’ll see it,” he said.

The character also made reference to “treading the boards”. “How would I describe that feeling? Out of this world. Some say life immitates art, but I say vice versa,” they said.

Davina McCall suggested it was Jason Statham, an ex-diver who became a movie star. Jonathan Ross, meanwhile, guessed that it was Robbie Williams.

The two Clue or False prompts, read thusly: “It would have been sweet to converse with a person passed,” and “Time travel? I’ve completed it, my good man.”

On 28 January, Phoenix was shown in their VT drinking from a cup shaped like a mirrorball, while hinting at a connection to Strictly Come Dancing,The X Factor, Dancing on Ice and The Apprentice.

“But then, would an apprentice appear on the most watched TV show in nearly 30 years?” they questioned.

Phoenix sang “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John. Ross guessed EastEnders star Sid Owen, while Ora went for Dragons’ Den’s Peter Jones. McCall kept with her guess of Tennant and Gilligan went for Glee star Darren Criss.

On 4 February, the clues package saw Phoenix say: “I fear deep water, but diving that’s another thing.” Their VT also included the deadheading of roses and an extra clue cryptically offered the date of 2006.

In the show’s semi-final, Phoenix sung “I Love You Baby” by Frank Sinatra and “Grace Kelly” by Mika.

A clue also depicted what appeared to be the base of a wheeled office chair, detached from the rest of the chair.

The Masked Singer airs Saturdays at 7pm on ITV.

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