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Who is Love Island’s Abigail Rawlings?

Love Island is back, with the villa finally playing host to drama after far too many weeks of tedium. A major part of that has been tattoo artist Abigail Rawlings, who joined the villa on 21 July.

Here’s everything you need to know about her…

Abigail is 27 and from Bournemouth – though she was born in Beaconsfield – and confessed in her official bio to always “stirring things up” whether she means to or not.

She also pledged to “steal Toby from Chloe at the first chance” she has, but also admitted to having her eye on both Teddy and Aaron.

As for the girls, she thinks Liberty is “amazing”, Kaz is “a vibe” and Faye is “cool”.

The Love Island newbie has a number of tattoos – in keeping with her profession – and tattooed her own leg with a portrait of her dog. She added: “I’ve got loads of little stamps on my ankle of things which are memories of things that have happened in my life where I want to dedicate the moment.”

Abigail added that she tends to be “a relationship girl” and never stays single for very long. She says that she’s looking for a serious relationship in the villa, but also friendships.

“When people ask ‘what is your goal in life?’, one of mine is to meet as many people as I can and make as many friendships and connections with people and not necessarily just here but all over the world,” she explained.

‘Love Island’ star Abigail Rawlings


She also revealed that she was once a professional gymnast. “I wouldn’t say I’m confident enough to do back flips now but I can still do an awful lot of that stuff … I’m super bendy.”

Abigail’s personal Instagram can be found here, while her work as a tattoo artist has its own Instagram here.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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