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Viral video sees Bachelor star Nick Cummins rescue a sheep stuck in barbed-wire fence

Fans have applauded The Bachelor star Nick Cummins as a video of the former professional rugby player saving a sheep stuck in barbed-wire went viral.

The Australian television personality posted a video to social media earlier this week showing himself coming to the rescue of a sheep caught in a barbed-wire fence.

The video – which has accumulated nearly five million views across various social media platforms – sees Cummins driving in a car when he notices the distressed sheep on the side of the road bucking with its head stuck in the fence.

Cummins is then seen pulling his car over and going to the animal’s aid, attempting to calm the sheep down before setting about detangling its body from the fence.

After some time, the 33-year-old successfully wrangles the sheep’s head back through a gap in the wire. However, the next question Cummins faced was how to move the animal over the fence to where it was heading.

The TV star – who appeared on season six of the dating reality series The Bachelor in 2018 – hoisted the sheep up by its legs.

“Usually they go into a hypnotised state when you have them like this,” said Cummins before he decided to attempt a different strategy.

The video then sees Cummins successfully swing the sheep over to the other side of the fence, after which it runs away into the distance.

“You’re welcome!” quipped the rugby player, who captioned his Instagram video: “Sheepish! In NZ this would have gone down very differently.”

Fans were quick to commend the athlete for his actions.

“What an absolute legend,” wrote one user on Twitter, while another called the clip the “best thing you will see today”.

A third person wrote: “So kind! If only all people were like this man!”

“This dude is a legend,” added someone else. “Good for him for doing the right thing.”

Another wrote: “Well done. You saved that sheep’s life.”

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