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The Office fans forced to explain Joe Wicks joke

Joe Wicks’s latest inspirational fitness video has left his fans in hysterics… and a small minority a bit confused.

On Instagram, the TV personality and body coach posted a topless clip of himself encouraging his followers to do more exercise and live healthy lives.

Putting his own take on a Gareth Keenan quote from The Office, Wicks said in a deadpan voice: “One word, two syllables, motivation.”

Fans of the Ricky Gervais sitcom quickly recognised that he was parodying a scene where Gareth, played by Mackenzie Crook, tells Martin Freeman’s Tim Canterbury: “One word, two syllables, demarcation.”

However, some on social media, including Radio 1’s Dean McCullough, didn’t pick up on the reference.

“Not Joe Wicks thinking motivation is 2 syllables,” the presenter tweeted.

But others quickly came to his defence, saying that it was obvious he was referencing the BBC comedy.

“He knows it’s more, he’s just using a line from The Office,” a fan pointed out.

Another tweeted: “Annoyed with people who think Joe Wicks is an idiot after this. Shame on you who don’t get the reference.”

Wicks’s joke was timely as fans celebrated the beloved UK sitcom’s 20th anniversary earlier this month.

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