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‘SNL’: Pete Davidson, Rami Malek Turn ‘Squid Game’ Into Country-Pop Parody

Pete Davidson and host Rami Malek turned Squid Game into a country-pop ditty on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live.

The duo play a pair of down-on-their-luck country boys who, faced with mounting debt, opt to join the hit Netflix series, where they play life-or-death versions of Red Light, Green Light and the Dalgona challenge while being overseen by guys “with symbols on their faces like the ones on Playstations and the main guy looks like Dr. Doom,” Davidson sings.

“$45 billion won / That’s a whole lot of money,” Malek sings of the potential prize. “At least I think it is / I’m confused by the currency.”

Davidson is ultimately victorious — by pushing Malek to his death — in the Squid Game in the spoiler-heavy song, so he takes his winnings back home to America, gets a bright-red haircut and “then I got bored so I took all my money and bet it on the Jets.” 

“So I’m back to the Squid Game / I’m terrible with money,” Davidson sings upon his return. “The guards think it’s pretty funny / That I’m back to the Squid Game.”

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