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Netflix’s latest bingeable hit has its future teased by creators

Netflix show Hit & Run ended on a cliffhanger that is leaving viewers desperate for more.

While the prospect of a second season is currently unconfirmed, the show’s creators have broken down the show’s final moments, and teased what a second outing would look like.

The international drama follows a man named Segev (Lior Raz) whose wife (Kaelen Ohm) is killed in a hit and run accident in Tel Aviv.

After the killers flee to the US, he teams up with ex-lover Naomi (Sanaa Lathan) to find them, discovering disturbing truths about his wife along the way.

The show was co-created by lead star Riaz, Avi Issacharof, Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin, the latter two of whom previously collaborated on Judging Amy and the US remake of The Killing.

*Spoilers follow – you have been warned*

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Prestwich said that the ending of the show, in which Segev learns about the death and disappearance of two key characters, “might not disrupt Segev and Naomi’s plan” like some viewers might think.

She continued: “And so the question is, what happens when that happens? That could all change once we sit down and really break the second season. But I think that we’re open to other ways to proceed with it.”

Lior Raz as Segev in Netflix show ‘Hit & Run’


Addressing hopes of a second season, Prestwich added: “We’re saying to the audience, ‘You may think you know, but maybe there are bigger things afoot, and there are bigger players to deal with.’ think the second season would be dealing with the bigger players. We sort of elevate.”

Prestwich said they “definitely feel like the show needs at least another season”.

All nine episode of Hit & Run are available to be streamed on Netflix. As of writing (10 August), the show is currently the most-streamed title on the service.

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