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Netflix users are raving about the ‘must-see’ plot twist in new thriller Clickbait

Netflix users are raving about the “best plot twist” ever in the streamer’s latest gritty thriller Clickbait.

The series – which debuted on Wednesday (25 August) – stars Entourage’s Adrian Grenier as Nick Brewer, a seemingly stand-up family man who goes missing.

When a video emerges on social media of Nick looking beaten up and holding signs apparently confessing to abusing women, his loved ones are thrown into the twisty dilemma of whether or not to trust him or each other.

The video ends with a warning that when it reaches five million views, Nick will die.

***Spoilers for Clickbait ahead***

Not long after the video is posted, Nick’s corpse is discovered with his head bashed in. However, the truth behind his death is not revealed until Clickbait’s twist ending, which viewers have celebrated.

Across the show’s eight episodes, it comes out that Nick had been kidnapped and videoed by Simon (Daniel Henshall) who mistakenly believed Nick was responsible for his sister Sarah’s death.

Sarah had died by suicide six months earlier after being ignored by her online boyfriend, thought by Simon to be Nick.

However, it emerges that it is not Nick who was speaking with Sarah but his co-worker Dawn (Becca Lish) who had been catfishing Sarah using Nick’s photos.

Catfishing is an online practice in which someone creates a fictional persona, commonly using photos of other people to perpetrate the ruse.

But that’s not where Clickbait’s twists end. It is then revealed that Simon had let Nick go but Nick went to Dawn’s house to confront her over the multiple fake relationships she had engaged in before her husband Ed (Wally Dunn) made her stop.

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When Nick threatens to expose Dawn, Ed hits him over the head with a hammer and kills him.

Viewers have raved about the series on social media, praising its multiple twists and turns and calling Clickbait extremely “bingeable”.

One user compared it to HBO’s critically acclaimed drama starring Kate Winselt, Mare of Easttown.

“Gave me Mare of Easttown vibes with how they hit you with twist after twist until the final reveal in the final episode,” wrote one user.

Another added: “Alright… it’s 5am… I binge watched #Clickbait and holy s***. One of the best shows yet, Netflix you’ve done it again. Plot twist after plot twist.”


A third person added: “Fast paced, tightly knit plot and twists that leave you with your jaw on the [floor]. Totally binge worthy!”

“Slow to start but what twists and turns,” said another, with someone else writing: “Warning though be prepared to binge watch. Full of twists, will keep you guessing to the last episode.”

“PLOT TWIST AFTER PLOT TWIST omg,” said a sixth user, with another stating that “you would never in a million yrs guess this ending”.

Clickbait is available to stream now on Netflix.

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