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Martin Lewis was left ‘shaking’ and ‘near tears’ after encounter on money-saving show

Martin Lewis has said he was left “shaking” and “near tears” after an encounter on the latest episode of his moneysaving show.

In Thursday’s episode of The Martin Lewis Money Show (6 January), the financial expert met a single mum named Sara who couldn’t afford her energy bills after her partner died of Covid-19

After the broadcast, Lewis expressed his sadness over the situation on Twitter, writing: “I feel near tears after doing my show.”

He continued: “I started doing what I do out of a passion for financial justice and providing solutions. To be unable to help a single mum who lost her partner in Covid afford her energy bills leaves me feeling impotent. I’m shaking.”

He suggested that political “intervention” is needed to combat such situations.

In the episode, Lewis discussed the rising prices of energy bills across the country and predicted that, by April 2022, the energy bill price cap could increased by 51 per cent.

Lewis advised the “vast majority” of viewers to stick to their current deal – especially if it’s below the price cap.

After running through his advice, a visibly frustrated Lewis said: “These are my best guesses. There is no firm answer. Sara, does that help? I know it doesn’t comfort, but at least do you understand?”

Sara thanked Lewis for his advice, with the financial expert telling her: “I wish you all the best in what has been a bad time for you. I’m so sorry I couldn’t give you something more.”

Martin Lewis was visibly frustrated in the latest episode of his moneysaving show

(ITV )

In response to his initial tweet, Lewis added: “A few ‘ur rich, pay her bloody energy bill’ replies. This isn’t about 1 person, it’s a totem for millions who’ll be in fuel poverty. Instead I try to give answers, lobby for change, & put my money where my mouth is this way…”

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