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Euphoria’s Colman Domingo takes 30 to 40 hours to prepare for each episode

Euphoria star Colman Domingo has claimed that he spends 30 to 40 hours preparing for every episode.

The ongoing second season of the hit HBO drama sees Rue (Zendaya) relapse in her recovery from addiction, with her sponsor Ali (Domingo) taking on a deeper and more meaningful bond.

In a recent interview with Vulture,Domingo opened up about the importance of his role and the lengthy process he undertakes to prepare for his scenes.

For Euphoria’s special episode that aired at the end of 2020 – in which Rue and Ali are sitting together in dialogue for the entire hour – Domingo said he spent “at least 120 hours” rehearsing.

Although his typical rehearsal time isn’t nearly as long for only a few scenes, he still clocks in an average of 30 to 40 hours of preparation time per episode.

Domingo said he recognises the gravity of his performance, and his character’s role in Rue’s recovery and as necessary support for the family.

“He sees a bit of himself in Rue, and that’s how he knows how to deal with her,” Domingo said.

He also shared the ways Euphoria creator Sam Levinson sought to make an awkward dinner scene in the latest episode feel organic and real, encouraging the actors to let the conversation flow and to embrace the silences before reacting.


“He wanted to give us that space because he knows connectivity between Ali and Rue is so important,” Domingo noted.

“We rehearse ourselves in such a way that on the day, we’re in the moment with each other doing a dance together.”

Euphoria can be watched now on Sky and NOW in the UK and HBO Max in the US.

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