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Euphoria fans devastated over shocking character death

The death of a major character in the season two finale of Euphoria has left fans devastated.

The final episode, which aired on Sunday (27 February) on HBO Max, saw the aftermath of character Lexi’s play. It also revealed why Fezco was unable to attend after the cliffhanger in the previous episode.

After the episode concluded, many fans posted their reactions to social media.

Spoilers ahead

In a tense scene early on in the episode, dealer-turned-FBI informant Custer tried to get Fez to confess to drug baron Mouse’s murder while taping him.

However, Fez was made wise to Custer’s intentions thanks to Faye, who pretended to smash a glass so she could tip him off. However, before Fez could intervene, Ashtray jumped in and slit Custer’s throat.

Despite Fez insisting he would take the blame for Custer’s murder, Ashtray barricaded himself in the bathroom with guns and ammunition, as the police closed in. Despite Fez’s screams of, “he’s just a kid”, he was helpless as the two parties exchanged fire.

After a dramatic shootout, Ashtray was shot dead in front of a devastated Fez.

“This moment between Ash and Fez is gonna haunt me for a long time,” one fan wrote.

“When Fez kept on saying ‘he’s just a kid’ I was done,” another said.

Some even created memes in tribute to Ashtray’s character.

Other fans directed their anger at the storytelling, believing the two beloved characters deserved a better plot.

“Ashtray and Fez deserved so much BETTER,” another added.

“RIP Ashtray, caught 3 bodies by age 12. He was a mf G. I loved this child. [Creator and writer] Sam Levinson, may you never know peace for killing this child,” said one viewer.

Many seemed particularly affected by the final look on Ashtray’s face, as he realised he was about to die and a childlike look of fear crossed his expression.

“Can we just give a standing ovation and round of applause for Javon Walton, the actor that plays Ashtray on Euphoria,” another wrote.

“I don’t recall him saying one word in the finale. He perfectly delivered that character throughout two seasons with limited dialogue.”

Following the episode, “RIP Ashtray” trended on social media.

Euphoria has been renewed for a season four and five and can be streamed on HBO Max. Read more about what happened in the latest episode here.

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