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Tori Deal Revealed She’s in Therapy, Tempted to Take a Break From ‘The Challenge’


Tori Deal

Tori Deal is a very polarizing figure on “The Challenge” but she wasn’t always such a divisive figure. At the start of her “Challenge” career, the “Are You the One?” season four star was a popular and strong rookie, making the final on her first season and winning over fans who watched her relationship with Jordan Wiseley grow on-screen in subsequent seasons.

However, in the past year and around the same time as her breakup from Jordan, the opinion of many fans seems to have shifted in their opinion of the competitor and she’s often the butt of hateful comments on social media, specifically Twitter.

In a podcast appearance last week, Tori opened up about how she deals with the hate she receives online and told the hosts of the “Challenge Mania” podcast that she’s recently thought a lot about stepping away from the show for a while.

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Tori Said She Often Has to Remind Herself of Her Reasons for Appearing on the Show & Is Constantly Assessing How She Feels About the Hate

She told Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski that she is often torn and explained, “It comes to a point in my life where… has it become to the point where it’s too much now and I need to step away and take a break because I can’t handle it or do I reassess and say, ‘you know what, those people who don’t like me, they’re not the reason that I’m doing this anyway.’”

Tori went on to explain that the money she gets from the show is really important to save for her niece and nephews and her family. She told them that she often has to remind herself that she is using her platform to help those close to her and her loved ones and not because of her haters.

“If I can fight against that in my own mind and I can put up with it then maybe it was worth it,” she added.

Tori Added That She Often Asks Herself If She Should Take a Break From the Show & Is In Therapy

Tori also told the co-hosts, “That question to leave the show and to take a break always comes up in my mind and more recently now than ever.” She added, “it’s a matter of like, ‘ok Tori are you doing this for you because you genuinely need a break or are you doing it because you can’t handle the heat anymore?’”

She went on to explain that she thinks her haters would love for her to take a break from the show. “But what service am I doing the people I love if I’m just letting those people bully me off platforms and bully me out of my job, something that I’ve worked really hard for,” she went on.

She said she struggles with this often and works through it with the help of a life coach. “I’m in constant therapy trying to figure out the right direction to go because I just don’t wanna lose myself in this and I don’t wanna walk away from this and feel like I sold myself. I just wanna figure out the right way to go about this whole thing,” she concluded.

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