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Tori Deal & Jordan Wiseley Speak on Their Breakup Amid Cheating Allegations


Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal

Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley have both spoken up this week about their breakup after one of their “Challenge” co-stars made claims about what happened between the two. In a video posted to her Patreon, Jemmye Carroll said Jordan confided in her about his breakup from Tori and she claimed that Tori cheated on Jordan and was paid to move out of his house.

Her claims were immediately denied by Tori, who posted a short video to her Instagram saying she never cheated and that Jordan hadn’t paid her to move out. She also shared proof that Jordan was in agreement with her on those points by posting screenshots of text exchanges between the two.

At the same time, Jordan also went on Instagram to speak about Jemmye’s video and give his perspective on everything that happened. However, he was clear that Tori was correct in her video that she never cheated.

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Tori Said She Handled the Breakup Poorly But Denied Cheating on Jordan & Slammed Jemmye for Being an Opportunist

Tori took to Instagram Live on December 7 to address Jemmye’s Patreon, captioning her 8-minute long video “The truth.” She said she found it interesting that someone would be putting out false content about her relationship and charging people for it. “So I just figured I would come give it to you for free because it’s my story,” she added.

She said Jordan broke up with her the day after she returned from filming “Double Agents” and shared the exact dates of her relationship with Jordan and her trip to Turks and Caicos with Fessy Shafaat. She said after she and Jordan broke up, she flew home and spent some time with her parents before flying to Malibu for a trip with friends.

Tori admitted that she didn’t handle the breakup very well and her trip with Fessy was a result of that but repeated again that she didn’t cheat. She also clarified Jemmye’s claim that Jordan paid her to move out and said she had actually bought some of their furniture, including a $2,000 couch and a TV. Instead of moving her furniture out, they agreed that Jordan would pay her $3,000 for it and he would keep the furniture.

Tori also slammed Jemmye for calling her an “opportunist,” saying it’s a hypocritical comment because Jemmye made a video about Tori’s relationship for money on her Patreon. Tori later posted a text exchange with Jordan to her IG story in which he confirmed that her timeline was correct and she didn’t cheat on him.

Jordan Confirmed That Tori Didn’t Cheat But Said He Didn’t Like How Quickly She Vacationed With Fessy

Jordan also went on Instagram and, like Tori, captioned his video, “Truth… pt.2.” He said he wanted to “fill in some blanks.” In his video, Jordan said he’s been friends with Jemmye for a long time despite “hiccups” in the past. He said he confided in her but that she’s said some things that were incorrect.

He confirmed that he didn’t pay Tori to move out and said, “Exactly how Tori explained it is how it happened.” Jordan also told his followers that Tori didn’t cheat but it was just very poorly timed. He referenced an Olivia Rodrigo song, “Traitor,” in which the singer says, “You didn’t cheat but it was really f****** shady.” Jordan said he remembers telling Jemmye that it was like Rodrigo’s song.

Jordan also stated that he found out from social media that she’d gone to Turks and Caicos with Fessy and they later spoke about it on the phone. He said the two don’t really talk much anymore and the worst part about how everything happened is that he lost a best friend, adding at the end of the video that he doesn’t see Tori being a part of his life again.

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