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Tina Barta on Behind-the-Scenes of Elimination From ‘The Challenge: All Stars 2’


Tina Barta

Tina Barta was one of the 24 returning OGs for the second season of “The Challenge: All Stars” and she was one of the more iconic names that fans couldn’t wait to see come back. The last time she was on a season of the show, she was infamously sent home for punching Beth Stolarczyk.

This season, Tina came into the house with her usual fiery confessionals and imposing presence during challenges, as her cast mates pointed out in their interviews, but in the fifth episode viewers saw her not try in the arena and get eliminated. Melinda Collins was sent directly to elimination for her performance in the challenge and the house ended up voting for Tina to face her.

During the episode, Tina opened up about how she felt that she was an angry person on the shows in the past and she’s now at a point in her life where she’s happy. However, being back in “The Challenge” environment was making her go back to the “angry Tina” that she didn’t like and therefore she didn’t compete in the elimination against Melinda.

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Tina Said She Wasn’t Having Fun Anymore & Everyone Was Really Paranoid & ‘Losing Their S***’

In an interview with Mike Lewis on his podcast after her elimination from “All Stars,” Tina said she doesn’t feel like she has to explain herself to anyone. “But for the people who want to know,” she laughed, “I can explain.” She said when she won her challenge and nominated Jonna Mannion and Jodi Weatherton, it wasn’t a targeted decision and she offered to explain her choice at deliberation.

However, Tina said from that moment on, Jodi began thinking that Tina was targeting her. Tina said she felt she had to stay true to herself and “f****** end it, just leave.” There were a lot of factors that led into her decision to leave, she explained, one of which was that she thought the show would be more like “old school” seasons with “backyard games.”

“I was frustrated because people were losing their s***, people were paranoid, crazy paranoid, and people were not having a good time,” Tina said. “And fights would break out just because you’re wicked paranoid.” She said Katie Cooley and Leah Gillingwater were some of her favorite people to spend time with in the house but they were both eliminated early.

Melinda Revealed That She Knew Tina Was on the Fence With Her Decision & Told Her Melinda Had More to Fight For

Melinda appeared on “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast” where she said she knew before the elimination that Tina was debating competing or not. Tori Deal pointed out that Melinda and Tina were close in previous episodes and she asked Melinda if she thought Tina would have competed in the elimination if it was against anyone else.

Melinda replied, “I think that there’s a good chance that she would have.” She said Tina had been going back and forth all day and Melinda was telling her to compete and not have any regrets. She said they were watching Steve Meinke and Teck Holmes’ elimination together and were whispering that they wouldn’t get physical but just play hard.

The “Real World: Austin” star added that Tina said she looked over at her at one point and saw her kissing her Camden necklace for her son, and told her, “in that moment, I knew you wanted to be here more than I did.” That being said, Melinda explained that there were a lot of factors that went into Tina’s decision.

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