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‘The Challenge’ Star Criticizes Champs Over Comments: ‘Really Disappointed’


The Challenge All Stars 2 finale

The now-famous “fourth step” of the final moments of “The Challenge: All Stars 2″ final has been discussed a few times now, with winners MJ Garrett and Jonna Mannion saying there was a fourth step added in to unlock the safe that everyone was struggling with and that’s why they were able to open their safe and others weren’t.

In an interview with the hosts of the “Challenge Mania” podcast, Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski, finalist Janelle Casanave broke down crying when she spoke about how she’d been beating herself up for months since the final thinking she and Darrell Taylor had screwed up the math equation and she hadn’t heard of the fourth step before.

She added that Jonna and MJ said some inaccurate information in their Entertainment Weekly interview and she wanted to set the record straight. Janelle said she and Darrell were only about 50 yards behind MJ and Jonna when running to the safes. She added:

I’m really disappointed and I don’t know why MJ and Jonna said this in an interview to Entertainment Weekly but they mentioned that they had a 10-minute lead because they finished their algebra problem 10 minutes before everybody else. That is inaccurate. We were literally running directly behind them probably about 50 yards.

Janelle said they got to the safes probably about two minutes after MJ and Jonna. She said she wasn’t going to bring up anything that didn’t make the final edit but she’s only doing so because MJ and Jonna decided to speak about it in an interview. Janelle explained that as they arrived at the safes, MJ and Jonna started running to the plane but they didn’t have their lock open. She said she was really confused but she and Darrell just decided to start working on their safe.

“I don’t appreciate a lot of things that MJ and Jonna said in their interview,” she said. “I don’t appreciate that they said they were 10 minutes ahead of us. That’s not true. Let’s just be honest here guys, why do we need to put each other down and make things up, I don’t understand the benefit to that.”

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Janelle Had an Emotional Moment Where She Said After She Asked MJ & Jonna About the 4th Step She Never Got a Reply

Janelle told Scott and Derrick that they kept trying to open the safe by following the directions printed beside it. “We weren’t giving up,” she explained. Darrell would try and then she would and eventually, production asked them for their combination and after she gave it, they walked away without confirming if it was right or not.

Eventually, MJ and Jonna returned to their safe in a pickup truck. Janelle said they “literally open[ed] up their [safe] in one second. I was like ‘how did they do that?’” She said she assumed it was because the other two teams got their combinations wrong and it wasn’t until she watched the final that she saw she had the math correct. She said Melinda Collins and Jonna both said they were told in their final interviews that everyone got the math equations right.

Derrick said he texted MJ and asked him about his comment in the Entertainment Weekly interview regarding a “fourth step” and Janelle said she asked him too but “he will not respond back to me.” She broke down crying and told Derrick and Scott she was really bothered by it: “It’s clear what’s going on. It’s very clear that that fourth step was not given to the other two teams.”

She said she’s “not stupid” and MJ and Jonna were obviously given information the others weren’t to help them open the safe. “Production went and picked them up in a car and now they’re coming back with extra information on how to open the box,” she said, “when none of that information was actually on the board.” She added that production also gave MJ and Jonna a huge advantage by confirming that their numbers were right but walking away from her when she gave them her combination.

Janelle Also Said MJ & Jonna Were Not ‘One Trip Away’ From Completing Their Memory Puzzle Like They Said

In the same podcast appearance, Janelle said they arrived in second place at the end of the first phase, finishing within minutes of Nehemiah Clark and Melinda. The two remaining teams, MJ and Jonna and Teck Holmes and Ayanna Mackins, were on their memory puzzles but they both had some work to do and a long way to go, to the point that she decided to take a nap.

She said Jonna and MJ had an issue with their puzzle board and in the interview with Entertainment Weekly it came across as though the production issue with their memory puzzle hindered them. That wasn’t the case, Janelle said, and the situation actually benefitted them.

Janelle explained that when Ayanna quit and Jonna and MJ were given third place, they were very far away from finishing the puzzle board, despite the team saying in the EW interview that they were about a trip away. According to her, MJ had only flipped over two pieces of the puzzle on the previous trip and they still had a lot to do.

That being said, Janelle said on the podcast and on her Instagram that she loves MJ and Jonna and there is “no love lost.” She wrote, “I just look at situations like this as an opportunity to level up, grow and make oneself a better person. Congrats to the winners.”

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