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‘The Challenge’ Star Blasts ‘Spies, Lies & Allies’ Cast Members: ‘F****** Fed Up’


The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies

“The Challenge” has had a ton of new faces this year and some have stayed in the background while others have come onto the scene with a bang, perhaps none more so than Hughie Maughan, who has been one of the loudest voices on the show in the last few episodes and even got his first elimination win in the fourth episode of the show alongside Amber Borzotra.

One thing viewers have learned about Hughie is that he isn’t afraid to speak his mind, especially when he feels that others are coming after him and that has also translated to his social media in the last week as he spoke up about his co-stars the show.

Hughie told his followers that he has kept quiet about a lot since the show began airing but he is looking forward to the reunion so that he can speak his mind about several of his co-stars on “The Challenge.”

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Hughie Called Out Several of His Castmates for Being ‘Two-Faced’ & Hinted That He Would Have a Lot to Say at the Reunion

Hughie’s first tweet about the situation came after the fifth episode aired and he wrote, “Can I just say something, I’ve kept [quiet] and been neutral for so long, I’m f****** fed up of the two faced rogues in the challenge house, I’m fed up of it now, I can’t f****** wait for the reunion, I am real I am dramatic but I’m a legend also and your jealous.”

Several fans replied to Hughie and encouraged him to speak his mind and not let others silence him and the “Big Brother UK” star said, “I will, some people are [obviously] so bitter I am the star of the past 3 episodes and no one can deny that.”

Many “Challenge” fan accounts and viewers of the show asked Hughie to name names and reveal who he was speaking about but he refused to do so, replying instead, “Have a think about who is talking crap about me and who has done me bad…” He added, “Why do I need to say names, have u seen the same shown I have? Have u seen twitter.” He also said:

He Later Spoke About Specific ‘Challenge’ Stars in Response to Fans Speculating About Who His Tweet Was Referring To

Several people tried to guess who Hughie was referring to in his tweets and while he didn’t explicitly confirm who, he clarified that it wasn’t Tori Deal. Many fans asked if it was her and Hughie replied, “As far I am aware tori has never said or done a bad word on me and was a good [friend] to me in the show, she was lovely to me.”

He then added that he didn’t understand why so many “Challenge” fans don’t like Tori: “can someone plz explain it all to me, I don’t get it honestly, she’s so lovely.” He explained that she was “lovely” to him in the house and never said anything negative to him or about him or spoke poorly about others in the house. “She was very supportive and encouraging to me and gave me [advice] when I needed it a lot,” he added.

Another fan tweeted that they hoped it wasn’t Esther Biade and Hughie kept his answer very vague, explaining that he “loves” her and thinks she’s “amazing,” but “if [you’re] gonna ask me, I don’t like how she didn’t shout and support me in the elimination, she knew we dropped [our] key but never said it to me even though she cried when we got home because I went down.”

He also revealed that Esther said he was being dramatic in his fight with Gabo Szabo but he only did so because Gabo had initially told him he’d choose Tori so he felt blindsided in the deliberations.

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” airs on MTV on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

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