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‘The Challenge’ OG Retires, Says He’s Had ‘Nightmares’


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The popular “Challenge” spinoff “All Stars” has allowed many iconic cast members and champions from the past to come back to our screens but one competitor who appeared on both seasons of the spinoff indicated that he’s now officially retiring from the show.

Laterrian Wallace didn’t appear on many “Challenges” back in the day but he made a big impact in his two seasons back on “All Stars” and gained a lot of fans for his strong performances and upfront attitude. However, in an appearance on “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast,” he told co-hosts Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal that he wouldn’t be back again in the future.

During the podcast, Aneesa mentioned that Laurel Stucky is a strong female competitor and said she’d love to see Laterrian and Laurel compete as partners down the road, to which Laterrian replied, “Oh, I’m retired Aneesa. I’m done.”

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Laterrian Revealed That He Was Having Nightmares After Going Home From Season 2

On the podcast, Laterrian told the co-hosts, “It’s crazy because like the competitor in me, and this is more so after season 2 than season 1, I literally was having like nightmares and stuff.” He added:

It was messing with me mentally, like being there and then coming home. And although MJ [Garrett] and I are very cool now and friends, I literally woke up from a nightmare punching my pillow thinking it was MJ and it was just from a dream.

Laterrian told Aneesa and Tori that he might need therapy but either way, it felt like the right time to retire from “The Challenge” and focus on other things in his life. The co-hosts told him he’s not the only one who struggles to adjust after a “Challenge” and he said it was good to hear because it made him feel “weak.”

He said he knows the show is a game but he doesn’t like having to vote against people he likes or have to make alliances. “Maybe I’m just not built for it in that way,” he said. Laterrian also shared that missing out on the final twice was a hard pill to swallow as a competitor and he really wanted to run a final against the best, especially as he won the mini-final in season 1.

Laterrian Appeared on 3 Seasons of ‘The Challenge’ & the First 2 ‘All Stars’ Spinoffs

Laterrian made his reality TV debut on “Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour” and appeared on three seasons of “The Challenge” during his time on the regular show. He made it to the final of his rookie season, “Extreme Challenge,” then appeared on “Battle of the Sexes” and “The Gauntlet” but was unable to win a “Challenge.”

After a very long hiatus, Laterrian, 44, was one of the cast members chosen to return for the spinoff “All Stars.” He did really well and became a fan favorite but after getting chosen by Katie Cooley as an elimination partner, the two were sent home.

Laterrian then returned for the second season of “All Stars” and was also considered a strong competitor, aligning himself with the King’s Palace from the onset. However, Laterrian lost his partner Kendal Sheppard and was matched up with Jasmine Reynaud, with the two getting eliminated soon after.

The third season of “All Stars” is just a month away and cast members indicated that it was filmed soon after the second season and before Laterrian’s retirement announcement, so there is a chance that fans will get one last chance to see the competitor.

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