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The Challenge Finalist Gets Destroyed by Several Stars: ‘Biggest Physical Flop’


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Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat is a very divisive figure on “The Challenge” but he definitely knows how to get his co-stars and fans going.

A tweet he posted on October 2 set off a firestorm of drama among several past and present cast members from the original show and the “USA” spinoff as they all clapped back at the “Big Brother” alum — and in some cases, at each other.

“Ima need the challenge to start bringing nfl players & professional athletes on the show more often because we would really run circles around them,” he wrote. “Most professionally athletes are only great at one thing. The challenge is made for those who possess versatility.”

The “Challenge” competitor later added, “I’m more of an overall athlete than 90 percent of players in the NFL and got better hands than 99 percent of them.” It didn’t take long for several stars, including “The Challenge: USA” winner and former NFL player Danny McCray, to rip into him for his take.

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Many ‘Challenge’ Stars Ripped Fessy for His Comments & Shots Were Also Fired Between Laurel Stucky and Paulie Calafiore in the Same Conversation

There were many replies from stars slamming the “Big Brother” alum, including Jemmye Carroll, Josh Martinez, Danny McCray and others. Laurel Stucky and Cara Maria Sorbello even threw a couple of jabs at each other over one of Paulie’s comments to Josh.

Josh answered his “Spies, Lies and Allies” co-star by pointing out that the show is a “reality show,” to which Faysal replied, “I’m just saying bro go back to doing your power cleans.” Paulie Calafiore slammed Josh for “inserting himself” and called him a “joke of a competitor.”

Laurel then replied to Paulie that at least Josh had been “on site” for season 38 as an unused alternate, which was more than could be said for Paulie. “Keep praying to the heavens for that call,” she added. “We all see u DESPERATE for it.” Cara Marie answered, “you are so weird laurel.” Screenshots of this exchange have been saved and shared by the challengeteaa Instagram page.

Other competitors replied to Faysal’s tweet, including “Rivals II” finalist Marlon Williams, who wrote, “Ur the biggest physical flop in Challenge history Fake NFL prospect 2 of UR partners went on to win w/o U hell I had more physically impressive moments in 1 season than u’ve had your entire career.”

“The Challenge: USA” finalist Domenick Abbate wrote, “my out of shape, non sodoku solving a** would run circles around him in this game so I’m not sure where he came up with that nonsense.” Danny, who won “The Challenge: USA” and also competed in the NFL for several years, replied to Dom, “O.. he also thinks he’s better AT FOOTBALL than 90 percent of the players currently playing in the NFL.”

In fact, Danny and Faysal actually had a very long exchange following the “Big Brother” star’s tweet.

Danny & Fessy Had a Long Back and Forth on Twitter as Fessy Accused the ‘USA’ Champ of Being Average

Danny first replied to Fessy’s original tweet with a simple, “Huh?” Fessy then answered, “You mid IMO,” meaning average or mediocre. Danny told the “Total Madness” finalist that there was “no reason to hate” but they could “take it there” if Fessy wanted.

Jemmye Carroll chimed in regarding Fessy’s comment about Danny being “mid,” writing that Danny had achieved two goals that Fessy “will never accomplish.”

One person replied to Faysal expressing shock that he said he could outperform professional athletes when he actually tried to be a pro athlete and didn’t make it to the NFL. Danny answered that comment by saying, “This… some people just want to hate.. btw I don’t know this guy and never said a bad thing about him… but he’s did try to be a pro.. and he failed.. I respect that though.”

Fessy then told the “Survivor” star that he was making it all about him even though Danny had never been mentioned in Fessy’s original tweet. “Congrats for the league stamp and the win but since you want to comment on my things I’ll let you know how i feel. I still got me over you in any game on the challenge,” Fessy wrote. Danny called him out and asked him if he was “playing dumb,” accusing him of knowing “exactly” what he was doing.

Danny also responded to Faysal’s claim that he’s a better athlete than 90% of NFL players with a series of crying laughing emojis. He wrote, “you gotta be drunk..high.. or someone must have hacked you!”

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