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‘The Challenge’ Cast Reacts to ‘Spies, Lies & Allies’ Episode 7: ‘F****** Idiot’


‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies’ cast

The seventh episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” continued right where the previous episode’s cliffhanger left off and the second hour-long episode in a row moved along a lot of storylines that had been hinted at last week. While the episode titled “Uncle CT” was airing, its cast members shared their thoughts about it on social media.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the seventh episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” which aired on September 22 at 8 p.m. on MTV.

The episode was very light on action and was mostly focused on the storylines and drama of several alliances and friendships. The majority of the episode focused on the aftermath of Fessy Shafaat and Josh Martinez’s fight, who soon apologized to each other and aired out some important feelings that seemed to strengthen their relationship.

However, the reconciliation wasn’t enough to prevent the repercussions of the fight as host TJ Lavin made a rare appearance at the house and told Fessy that because he laid hands on Josh he was deactivated and had to leave the game. That set up the rest of the episode for a female-only elimination because the house voted in his partner Esther Biade.

The Agency, comprised of Emanuel Neagu and Kaycee Clark, chose to put in Emy Alupei as she had expressed her desire to get CT Tamburello as a partner and leave her rookie-rookie pairing. In a twist on the famous Hall Brawl elimination, Emy and Esther faced off in Rage Cage and Emy managed to win two rounds in a row, securing her place in the game and her dream partner, “Uncle CT,” while Esther was sent packing. Hughie Maughan and Berna Canbeldek, who called out Emy for lying to her earlier in the episode, were left to form a team.

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The Cast Reacted to the Emotional Fallout of Josh & Fessy’s Fight & Fessy’s Removal From the Show

As the house reacted to what happened between Josh and Fessy, viewers saw Josh get angry with Tori Deal and Cory Wharton for instigating and he also called out Amanda Garcia for saying “enough.” During that segment, Amanda tweeted, “[Josh] is a f****** idiot. I didnt instigate s*** his ‘friends’ Tory and Cory did. Pffffff FAKE FRIENDS ALERT. Don’t ever f***** say I put you in a bad spot when I’ve been the one trying to get y’all to make up.”

Amanda also wrote, “Tory fake FAKE. PERIODTTTT. Glad they showed me calling her out.” Legend Johnny Bananas said, “If @CoryWharton has a Gold Medal in instigating than I’m f***** Michael Phelps.”

In regards to the physical contact itself, Amanda said, “@fessyfitness welcome to the face mushing club. I’m the president, nice to meet you.” She also added, “I’m sad it got to the level of being physical…esp with them being so close. They are both wrong, no doubt.” After Fessy found out his fate, she said, “I’m the queen of face mushing so I’m honestly shocked they sent him home. The Challenge defffffff has changed….”

Hughie commented about the positives for him in the situation, writing, “This is the only hope me and emy have of not being the house vote as bad as it sounds it’s a game and I don’t want to be next on the chopping block for simply being a rookie.” Tula “Big T” Fazakerley wrote, “Ok another teary eye situation watching fessy leave #TheChallenge37.” Bananas shared a funny meme:

Amanda, who recently began dating Fessy, wrote, “Awww seein @fessyfitnessso emotional has my heart melting. I’ll misssssss youuuuuuu.” Recently retired “Challenge” star Leroy Garrett tweeted, “That was weak AF.. @fessyfitness should still be in the game.” Fessy then took to Twitter to thank Amanda and Leroy for their support. Josh tweeted his response to the event:

Cast Members Were Also Really Vocal About the Elimination, Esther’s Departure & the New Team of CT & Emy

While CT was discussing his partnership on the show, “Challenge Aftermath” hostDevyn Simone wrote, “When CT talks he literally sound like The Godfather.” Mark Long replied, “Oh Devyn I’m flattered.”

Amanda tweeted, “Lmfao CT HATED being with Bertha,” referring to his partnership with Berna. Hughie wrote, “I am so sad to see esther in elimination, we were so close in that game and she and tacha were the 1st two people I made freinds with in the game, its moments like this you have to remember it’s a game.”

Amanda wrote, “Damnnnnn these girls puttin up a FIGHT.” She added, “Good job Esther! You killed it!” Emy tweeted, “I’m always ready ! Ready for the show , gonna give it all !” She added:

Esther commented on one of Emy’s remarks during the episode, “Its emy saying I was totally riding on fessy’s back in the game, Ask him how we won our second daily win.” Wes Bergmann gave his two cents: “If @amberborzotra hadn’t won she wouldn’t be treated this way. They’re jealous of her. Period.”

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

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