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‘Teen Mom’ Star Adopts Daughter


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“Teen Mom” star Alex Sekella’s husband, Tim Peters, has officially adopted her ten-year-old daughter, Arabella.

The Pennsylvania native gave birth to Arabella on July 18, 2011  on the MTV show “16 and Pregnant.” Viewers watched Alex struggle with the decision to keep Arabella despite outside pressure from her mother, Wendy Keim, and her biological father, Matt McCann, who both tried to convince Alex to give Arabella up for adoption.

Alex’s ex, Matt McCann, has been mostly absent from her daughter’s life due to his struggles with drug addiction. Alex told Us Weekly in 2013 that she “hasn’t spoken to Matt in over a year.” She opened up about her ex’s struggles with addiction, telling the publication, “Dealing with an addict is so hard. I was so confused on what to do because I wanted to be there for him and his family when it all happened. But at the same time, I don’t want Arabella anywhere near that.”

Alex raised her daughter on her own until she met her husband, Tim Peters. According to Us Weekly, the happy couple got engaged in 2018 after more than four years of dating. They officially tied the knot in 2020, The Sun reported.

Since then, Tim has stepped in and helped co-parent Arabella.

Tim’s role in Arabella’s life became more official in January 2022 when he became one of her official legal guardians. Alex took to Instagram to share the exciting news with fans. She posted a photo of her, Tim, and Arabella at the courthouse with the caption, “It has been a VERY VERY long process but we can finally say Arabella is a Peters!!”

Fans React to Adoption News

“Teen Mom” fans commented on the January 2022 adoption post to show their support for the happy couple.

One Instagram user wrote, “She has the name of the person who took care of her, Like a real father would do.” Another user commented, “This is so awesome, look how happy Arabella looks. Congratulations mum and dad.”

Some fans shared their personal experience with adoption in the comments. One fan wrote, “When my fiance and I get married we are going to be doing the same thing! Happy to hear it all worked out for you and your family. So lucky we can give our daughters the fathers they deserve. If you have any advice I’d love to hear it.” Another fan commented, “My husband also adopted my daughter but last week. I know you mean it when you say ‘long process.’ and a big BIG congratulations from another mom who was been there!!”

Alex Is Expecting Another Baby

Alex, 28, is expecting another baby with her husband, Tim Peters. The MTV star showed off her baby bump in a September 2021 Instagram post. The September 18 post featured two snapshots of Alex and Tim at a wedding with the caption, “my forever wedding date.” The “16 and Pregnant” alum looked beautiful in a mid-length pink dress with her baby bump on full display.

“Teen Mom” fans flocked to the comments to congratulate Alex and Tim. One fan wrote, “I am SO happy for you! I watched your journey on the MTV series and I’m literally overjoyed at how your life has turned out. You deserve it after everything you had thrown at you. You have thrived! Congratulations.”

Another Instagram user chimed in, writing, “oh this makes me so happy! You have so many on your team!! Congratulations!”

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