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Tamra Judge Lets Loose on ‘Jailbird’ Teresa Giudice


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Tamra Judge fired some shots at “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice in the April 20 episode of her podcast with Teddi Mellencamp, “Two Ts in a Pod.”

At the beginning of Judge and Mellencamp’s podcast, they brought up Giudice’s comments about Judge in the April 19 episode of the RHONJ star’s podcast “Namaste B$tches.” While speaking with her guest Brandi Glanville, Giudice accused Judge of being a bad friend to Glanville by having Caroline Manzo on “Two Ts” amid Glanville and Manzo’s reported drama during RHUGT season 4 filming.

Judge said she doesn’t usually get involved in the drama and ignores negative comments but added, “The b**** is back.” She called out Giudice, “Not today forehead, not today ding dong, not today jailbird – I’m not having it!”

“So let me break it down for you Teresa,” she continued. “I know it’s hard for you to understand. I’m gonna try to dumb it down for you as much as I can, but we are strictly a ‘Housewives’ podcast. We work for iHeart, they do not work for us, this is a job… So oftentimes publicists will reach out to iHeart to get people on… just like Teresa was on to promote [“Namaste B$tches”].”

She pointed out that iHeart booked Manzo and they were happy to have her on. She also added that she reached out to her friend Glanville to let her know and make sure she was fine with it, and Glanville said she was. “Just sit the f*** down, this is me telling you shut the f*** up. I’m sick of it,” she added to Giudice.

Judge’s comments followed remarks she posted on an Instagram recap of Giudice’s podcast. “Teresa please! [Two Ts in a Pod] is strictly a housewife podcast,” Judge commented. “iHeart books our talent (as you know since you came on to promote your podcast). I talked with Brandi prior to Caroline interview to give her a heads up. Get your story straight before you come for me!” she concluded.

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Teresa Giudice Said Tamra Judge Was a Bad Friend to Brandi Glanville for Hosting Caroline Manzo

Giudice’s criticism of Judge came in the April 19 episode of “Namaste B$tches,” which saw Glanville join the RHONJ star to discuss her experience filming RHUGT season 4. Glanville shared that this was one of the most difficult times of her life and she was losing job opportunities because of the damaging allegations. As People reported, sources claimed that Glanville kissed Manzo multiple times during a night out but it was “unwanted.” The following day, Glanville was removed from the show and Manzo left on her own.

Giudice told the RHOBH alum that she felt bad for her with what Glanville was going through and said, “It’s sad cuz Brandi’s a single mom. She’s raising two sons. And it’s like sad. I would never wanna take someone’s job away, I’m not into that. I’m so not into that. I was a single mom at one point.”

Giudice then spoke about Judge and Mellencamp having Manzo on “Two Ts” and criticized the RHOC star. “If Tamra’s your friend, why would she have her on there and not have you on there?” she questioned. Glanville said she knew she was welcome on the podcast anytime. “This is my first interview and I’m still scared I’m gonna say too much,” Glanville shared.

“My thing is, if Tamra’s one of your good friends, why would she have someone that’s hurting you on her podcast?” Giudice wondered. “For money, right? For ratings? Nice friend. Nice f****** friend, just saying. I’m talking about your friend, Tamra. I’m just saying. That’s a really good friend, Brandi, I would always keep her around.” She also accused Judge of being a “backstabber” and said, “These California people, I don’t know.”

Caroline Manzo Addressed Her Time Filming RHUGT While Speaking With Tamra Judge on Her Podcast


Manzo addressed her time on RHUGT during her appearance on Judge and Mellencamp’s podcast on April 7. The RHONJ alum said that filming the fourth season was “traumatic.”

She told the co-hosts that she was still processing everything that happened and described it as a “really large onion with a lot of layers.” She said she couldn’t discuss it much because viewers will likely see it play out but also because she was still trying to figure out her own feelings about it.

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