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‘Survivor 41’ Castaway Says He Plans to Play a Devious Game


The Luvu tribe

‘Survivor 41’ is back with a new cast of players ready to shake up the game. One of those players is 26-year-old, Deshawn Radden. According to his CBS bio, Deshawn is a medical student from Miami, Florida, who describes himself as “charming, devious, and resilient.” Keep reading to find out about Deshawn’s devious “Survivor” strategy.

He Is Not Afraid to Get His Hands Dirty


In an interview with Parade in September 2021, Deshawn revealed he isn’t afraid to play dirty.

“I’m a ‘Survivor’ fan, and I’m coming to play! I’m coming to blindside people. I’m coming to find idols,’ he told the publication. “I’m coming to just really get my hands and feet fully dirty.”

Deshawn is a member of the Luvu tribe alongside castaways Danny McCray, Erika Casupanan, Sydney Segal, Naseer Muttalif, and Heather Aldret. Deshawn told Parade that he plans to rely on his social skills to help him in the game, stating, “when people like you to a degree, they kind of want to help you out.”

He told the outlet that he thinks the Luvu tribe members will perceive him as “likable,” but he has “zero intentions of actually carrying that out behind the scenes.” He told the publication that he thinks players will underestimate how devious he can be.
In September 2021, he shared a post on Instagram with the caption, “Today’s the day! This is not a drill. ‘Survivor’ starts tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS. Watch us usher in a new era.” He included the hashtag #deviousdrad.

He Has Already Made Some Risky Moves

In week one, Deshawn made an alliance with his fellow Luvu tribe member Danny McCray. Securing an alliance week one is a strategic move for Deshawn, but his close bond with Danny has already raised red flags among tribe members. In the premiere episode, his Luvu tribe member Naseer became suspicious of the duo when he caught them looking for idols instead of gathering water for the tribe.

Deshawn attempted another big game move in episode four, which aired October 13, 2021. In the episode, Deshawn came up with a plan to get Erika out of the game. He suggested to Danny that they throw the Immunity Challenge so Luvu gets sent to tribal council, and they can vote Erika out.

Deshawn and Danny try to throw the competition, but their master scheme doesn’t go according to plan, and Luvu comes in second place, meaning the tribe is safe for the week.

After the episode aired, the official “Survivor” Twitter account posted a poll asking fans if they would ever consider throwing an Immunity Challenge. Over 3,000 people voted, 75% said “no way” would they ever throw a challenge. One Twitter user responded to the poll writing, “That’s a horrible strategy. There’s always a chance you can get voted out.” Another Twitter user wrote, “No respect for trying to throw a challenge. DeShawn can go!”

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS. You can follow “Survivor” on Instagram and Twitter @survivorcbs. Season 42 of “Survivor” will premiere in the spring of 2022.

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