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Shannon Beador Blasted for ‘Toxic’ Friendship With Former Housewife


Shannon Beador in 2020

Fans are giving Shannon Beador grief for remaining friends with Kelly Dodd after controversial social media posts.

On May 30, 2022, “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Shannon Beador posted a series of photos of herself at a Memorial Day party, former star Kelly Dodd was also in the photos and the fans were not happy with the association.

Here’s what you need to know:

RHOC Fans Blasted Shannon for Hanging out With Kelly Dodd ‘I Thought You Were Better Than This’

Fans of the Orange County franchise were upset with Beador for hanging out with Dodd and let her know in the comments of her post.

“Really Shannon you’re still friends with Kelly? After the things she said about the school shooting in UValde. You are the company you keep,” a fan wrote.

“Agreed! I’m disgusted she still associates with Kelly!” someone wrote.

“She is shameless @shannonbeador she will take you down with her,” a fan said.

“you being around kelly lowers your stock about 99%,” a comment reads.

“I thought you were better than this, @shannonbeador and @heathermcdonald. Hanging with Kelly Dodd? Seriously?” someone asked.

“The fact that you and @jljefflewis hang out with Kelly Dodd says a lot about you both…and it’s not good,” another person said.

“Really Kelly Dodd Jesus take the wheel,” someone said.

“still hanging out with Kelly Dodd not a good look. I guess you’re showing us who you really are…. Guilty by association,” a fan wrote. “Definitely not my favorite RHOC member anymore.”

“What s*** show of people,” someone said.

“Wow, Kelly Dodd??? I thought you were smarter than this, Shannon. Are you a dumba** trumper too?” a fan wrote.

“Why would you go anywhere Kelly Dodd was? Toxic much?” another fan said.

“Wait, Kelly Dodd? Seriously. You lie down with dogs and you get fleas,” another person wrote.

“Why do u keep associating w Kelly??” someone asked. “Guess I’m done w u too. She just posted stupid, extremely insensitive, trumpish comments after the Uvalde mass murders. U ARE THE COMPANY U KEEP.”

Kelly Dodd Faced Major Backlash Over After Comparing the Uvalde Shooting to 9/11

Dodd, who was not asked back to Real Housewives, posted a meme on Twitter on May 28 that said, “After 9-11 we didn’t ban planes. We secured the cockpits. Secure the schools.”

Fans were not happy with the comparison between the Uvalde shooting. 

“Youd rather have schools look like prisons than reforming gun laws.. uhm ok. That wont traumatize the kids. to have constant reminders that adults have failed them,” someone tweeted.

“Let me get this straight,” someone tweeted. “Your kid doesn’t mean more to you than an AR-15? Got it.”

“Dumb analogy Kelly, schools shouldn’t have to be secured, 18 kids also shouldn’t be out buying Assault rifles,” someone said.

“Ummm… we literally can’t bring nail clippers on airplanes. MANY precautions were taken after 9/11. No one needs an AR-15,” another fan tweeted.

Dodd also shared a screenshot that reads, “Never, never never give up your right to bear arms.”

After the backlash Dodd clarified her comments, saying she believes there should be stricter gun laws and “we should do a better job of keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.”

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