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Several ‘Challenge’ Stars Call Out Cara Maria Sorbello Over Recent Interview


Cara Maria Sorbello

It wouldn’t be “The Challenge” if there wasn’t some drama and shots being fired between co-stars over comments made but a recent interview with Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore seems to have struck a nerve with several stars of the show and had them firing back on social media.

A clip of a US Weekly podcast with Cara Maria and Paulie has been making the rounds on social media, where the couple takes shots at the current veterans on the show. In the segment, Paulie said this season’s vets “convinced the entire ‘Challenge’ fandom that real competitors shouldn’t be on the show anymore,” specifically competitors like Theo Campbell, Turbo Çamkıran, Cara and Paulie, Mattie Lynn Breaux and Georgia Harrison.

“They convinced the entire ‘Challenge’ fandom… that the competitors like Josh [Martinez], Devin [Walker], Kyle [Christie], Aneesa [Ferreira] and Nany [Gonzalez] are all good.” He said they convinced “Challenge” fans of that in order to get an easy path to the final. Here is the clip:

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Several ‘Spies, Lies and Allies’ Cast Members Called Out Paulie & Cara Maria for Their Comments

After the video was widely shared on Instagram and Twitter, several cast members on “Spies, Lies and Allies” slammed the two former “Challenge” stars. Devin tweeted, “The level of pathetic delusion some ex challengers openly display is embarrassing just quit while ur behind.”

One “Challenge” Instagram account (now deleted) shared the clip and in the comments, Josh wrote, “They don’t have to worry because they get no callbacks.” Michele Fitzgerald commented, “We have no brains,” while Emanuel Neagu commented, “They know what they do, they hungry but if they get on the show they’ll leave the first.”

Hughie Maughan wrote, “Have u ever seen such desperation in all your life. When you have to do that it says everything, it was far from not being smart it was no one knew each other and had no trust which the vets had, simple as that.” A screenshot of the interactions has been saved and shared on Reddit.

Paulie later took to Instagram to reply to Devin’s tweet and fired a shot of his own at the “Are You the One?” star. He replied to a fan account that shared the clip with the comment, “Didn’t this guy do a public apology? Wanna talk about pathetic.” Although he didn’t clarify his comment, Paulie was likely referring to a video Devin made before his return to “The Challenge” for “Double Agents” referring to his blowup with Johnny Bananas on “Final Reckoning.”

Devin Made a Video Owning Up to His Actions on ‘Final Reckoning’ Though He Clarified He Was Already Cast for the Show & It Wasn’t an Apology Video

Paulie’s comment was likely in reference to a video Devin made before he appeared on “The Challenge: Double Agents,” his first season back on the show since his major argument with Johnny Bananas on “Final Reckoning” and at the reunion. In the video, Devin addressed his mistakes in that situation and said what happened was “embarrassing.”

Devin clearly saw Paulie’s comment as he later tweeted, “can someone pls show me this apology..? I’d love to see it.” He also said, “How petty do I want to be today…? receipts are a wonderful thing.” Several fans replied to his tweet with a short clip of his video, in which Devin acknowledged his “bad display of character and really bad judgment.”

Regardless, the video doesn’t feature an apology to Bananas, as Devin already addressed in a “Challenge Mania” podcast appearance last season. He told hosts Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski, “I was confirmed [on ‘Double Agents’] well before that video,” Devin said at the time. “When you recognize that you’ve made a mistake, there’s no shame in admitting that. There’s more shame in carrying out a mistake and not admitting to it and doubling down on it.”

That being said, it wasn’t an apology video, he explained. “If you watch that video, there’s never really a big apology, everyone calls it an apology video. Really what it is is an ownership video… It had nothing to do with getting back on the show, it had nothing to do with I was told to do it. I knew I was going back on the show and I didn’t want to have that conversation and risk it being edited in a certain way or being taken out of context.”

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