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Ryan Paevey Blasts Airline for Stranding Him at Airport: ‘No Clue How I’m Getting Home’

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Ryan Paevey on Coyote Creek Christmas

Ryan Paevey took to social media to blast an airline after he said he was left stranded at an airport with “no clue” how he was getting home. The Hallmark star revealed that he was mistakenly listed as being a late arrival and he couldn’t get anyone to correct the error.

Paevey Said He Was Listed as a Late Arrival Despite Arriving 3 Hours Early

In a series of tweets, a frustrated Paevey shared the details of what happened. He said he was at the Toronto Airport when United Airlines mistakenly listed him as a late arrival.

“Not sure I’ve ever had a worse experience trying to travel….it’s almost enough to never return to your city. Still no clue how I’m getting home.”

He later elaborated after he was able to reach San Francisco from Toronto.

“Hey @united wanna explain to me why my seat was given away this morning despite arriving nearly three hours early to downed check in terminals and indifferent agents?”

Someone replied, “3 hours is late?” and he answered, “According to somebody it is.”

Paevey went on to share that a gate agent had given his seat to someone else after categorizing him as being late. “How is 3 hours early considered late?” he tweeted.

Another person replied and said they were sorry about all the incompetence in today’s world. But Paevey said it was more about indifference than incompetence.

“Incompetence can be corrected, it’s the INDIFFERENCE that’s infuriating,” he tweeted. “I’m not mad that i flew coach, I’m stoked i even managed a seat at all. I’m mad that so many people wanted to go home today, and the lot of us were met with disdain and irritation by airport staff @united.”

One fan commented that with such a long delay, it might be better to just recent a motorcycle and drive home.

Paevey replied, “God i prefer road trips…..but gas ain’t super cheap these days either, haha.”

When someone else shared that his story was making them concerned about their upcoming flight with their kids, he wrote back: “Arrive REEEEEAAALLY early, and mentally prepare for an ‘experience’. 😬”

Director Ron Oliver Said He Had the Same Experience

Ron Oliver, who has directed numerous Hallmark films, including one coming soon starring Alexa and Carlos PenaVega, replied to Paevey: “You’re having the EXACT EXPERIENCE I had last week at Pearson. That place is horrible.”

Paevey answered, “Speaking with the flight attendants on the plane, even they dread this place. Think I’m gonna fly to Syracuse and get a car any time i need to do this again.”

Several other people commented about how bad the airport was.

‘I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Been to An Airport More Full of Lost, Angry Souls,’ He Tweeted

One person replied that flying has become ridiculous for people who have to travel for work.

Paevey answered, “I know we all have places to be….but i don’t think I’ve ever been to an airport more full of lost, angry souls, with completely indifferent staff. Congrats #torontoairport on dethroning Newark as my least favorite place to travel through.”

Paevey recently starred opposite Ashley Williams in the Hallmark movie “Two Tickets to Paradise.”

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