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RHONY Alum Insults Bethenny Frankel on Social Media


Bethenny Frankel

Carole Radziwill fired a shot at Bethenny Frankel on August 14 when she accused her former “Real Housewives of New York City” co-star of not being very intelligent.

Radziwill made the comments on an Instagram post by Housewife Haikus, which showed a photo of Frankel and the poem, “What is Beth doing; Biting the hand that fed her; Is this a crisis.” The caption added, “Bethenny is smart, no question about it. But would she be who she is without Bravo? I don’t think so. This whole thing is an interesting move and I’ll be interested to see how it shakes out.”

Radziwill replied, “[Shrewd] perhaps but she’s actually not very intelligent.” She expanded on her position in reply to someone who wrote, “must be somewhat intelligent considering she created a brand name that made her the richest housewife on the New York franchise. “Perhaps but here’s the thing people in this country equate accumulation of wealth with intelligence even in the face of a mountain of evidence to the contrary. Money does not equal intelligence. So I said what I said,” Radziwill added.

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Carole Radziwill Explained That the Spelling Mistake in Her Own Social Media Shade Didn’t Take Away From Her Message

Radziwill’s Instagram comment about Frankel was widely circulated but many people trolled the journalist for misspelling “shrewd” as “shrewed” in a remark about intelligence.

However, Radziwill defended herself via her representative, who told Page Six that, “spelling is not a sign of intelligence.” The rep added that Radziwill had enabled autocorrect on her phone and was seeing the humor in the mistake.

“As for Beth’s intelligence, we know she’s smart because she constantly tells us how smart she is and yet all we see is rantings about brands, marketing and ‘Housewives,’” the spokesperson continued. “We all tire of it. But unfortunately in this country, people equate the accumulation of money with intelligence, and as we have seen recently, in our political discourse, that is not always the case.”

Bethenny Frankel & Carole Radziwill Have Recently Come After Each Other Over the Tom D’Agostino Kissing Photo

Frankel and Radziwill have been firing shots at each other in the past several years and recently the Skinnygirl founder blasted Radziwill for claiming that Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen was the person who took the Tom D’Agostino kissing photo at the Regency.

Frankel denied Radziwill’s claims, and Radziwill answered on her Instagram Story and said, according to Reality Tea, “I normally do not respond to moronic comments by ‘a source close to Frankel.’ But it’s a masterclass in gaslighting [and] deflection of narcs.”

Radziwill also referenced an article in which a source close to Frankel had said, “Who cares? Carole Radziwill has talked extensively about her journalism career. Maybe she should call Michael Cohen.” Radziwill replied that she did call Cohen and he was the source behind her information, then called her former friend a “dum-dum.”

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