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Real Housewives Star Ripped for Her ‘Low Budget’ Company


Gina Kirschenheiter

“The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gina Kirschenheiter has her own skincare line, CaraGala, but many fans were left puzzled by one of the Bravo star’s advertisements for the line.

The website’s homepage opens with the company’s statement, “Radiate confidence. Be comfortable in your own skin.” According to the CaraGala website, the name represents “Co-Founder, Gina Kirschenheiter’s own journey in reclaiming skin confidence after moving from New York, ‘The Big Apple’ (Gala Apples), to Orange County, California (Cara Cara Oranges) and the impact the contrasting environments and life’s everyday stress had on her skin.”

A photo from the website showing Kirschenheiter smiling widely in front of a brick background along with the company’s statement was shared on Reddit, where fans criticized the star. Many of them pointed out that the company was promoting skincare and being comfortable “in your own skin” but the advertisement had Kirschenheiter wearing a full face of makeup.

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Kirschenheiter Was Criticized for Wearing a Lot of Foundation in the Photo Promoting Her Skin Care Line

Fans took to the Reddit comments to react to the CaraGala brand and Kirschenheiter wearing makeup in the advertisement. “It’s giving budget,” someone wrote. “Giving low budget if you ask me,” someone else added. One person commented, “She looks uncomfortable in her own skin.” Another wrote, “That’s a terrible photo too. Her face looks weird.”

One person commented on the Bravo star’s makeup, “Ugh! The worst is the foundation color she has been wearing. It’s too banana/orange for her and her cheeks look patchy. I know she’s just sticking her name on a product but how is this going to sell?” One person commented, “Check out the half orange ear. That’s not a smooth transition.” Someone wrote, “I feel like my face will breakout from just looking at this.”

One Redditor wrote, “I can’t get over Gina being in full cake face makeup for her skincare like ads. Are we radiating confidence? How does your skin look Gina? Quickly glanced through their ingredients and yikes… lots of exfoliation, can’t be good for your skin.” One commenter shared, “It should read ‘be comfortable in your own skin while in a full face of makeup.’”

Someone wrote, “You can tell from the picture her foundation is half an inch thick! She baked, she bronzed, she powdered down to full matte – I don’t get how she thinks this is a convincing sales approach for skincare!” Another commented, “She’s always been known for looking a total and complete mess on RHOC from day one. That’s literally her brand! Being a sloppy mess. Hair tangled and matted clip in extensions showing. Makeup looking like a 9 year old in 2013 starting a YouTube tutorial channel. Yikes.”

A few people had reactions to Kirschenheiter’s company name, with one person writing, “‘caragala’ just sounds so… unappealing.. just like Gina’s personality.” Someone else said, “It honestly sounds like a disease.” Another said it was a “Horrible brand name.”

Kirschenheiter Was Recently Accused By Her Boyfriend’s Ex-Wife of Pushing Him Down the Stairs

Kirschenheiter likely has more on her mind than criticism over her skincare line as Page Six recently reported that the Bravo star was accused of pushing her boyfriend Travis Mullen down the stairs during a fight at their home.

The publication obtained court documents that stated Mullen’s ex-wife Meghan Mullen alleged that the incident occurred in April in front of the former couple’s 10-year-old daughter Presley. According to these documents, Meghan Mullen said “Late at night the children started hearing loud [noises]. Presley went out of the room to investigate. Travis was yelling that Gina was an alcoholic… Presley witnessed Gina push Travis down the stairs, banging [his] head on the wall, and throwing hairs [sic] and pictures off the wall.”

Meghan Mullen, who shares three children with Travis Mullen, said she was also “concerned about Gina’s behavior and drinking,” Page Six reported. “The kids tell me that sometimes when they wake up in the morning, she will be asleep with an empty bottle of wine and glass next to her.” The publication wrote that Kirschenheiter denied the allegations through a source close to her. “These claims are without merit,” the source told Page Six. “This is a false narrative that [Meghan] is trying to paint about Gina, who is a domestic abuse survivor.”

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