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Scary creepy-crawlies: Photographers capture spiders up close

Members of a worldwide photography group have taken close-up photographs of spiders wherever they have found them – and the results are astounding.

Despite many of the photographers having arachnophobia, they were still able to snap some curious images of the eight-legged creatures.

One photographer who joined in creating the collection of pictures said: “In days gone by, I would have run a mile – now I run for my camera!”

The photographers, or “blippers”, are made up of a team from across the globe and are tasked with recording a single photo each day. Now some of their images of arachnids have been collected to show them off in all their glory.

Blipfoto said: “We aim to show you a different side to the humble spider with this compilation of photos from blippers around the world. With cuteness, character, charm and cunning, we hope these photos and anecdotes leave you marvelling at these creations of nature.”


Resembling a stick insect, the net-casting spider creates a pale blue net, coils it and casts it over unsuspecting insects below.

The photographer AnnieBelle said: “My journal reflects my interest in and respect for spiders. We feel proud that they want to live in our garden, even when we must encourage them to build their webs elsewhere – like, not at my face height!”

Cucumber green orb spider


This a very colourful spider, despite being native to the UK. They usually use their colour for camouflage.

The photographer with the username Helwild said: “What a great name for a spider! I found this hiding in the centre of this Mock Orange blossom in the garden.”

A jumping spider from Australia


“I have a big bunch of stunning waratahs on the kitchen table and this morning,” the photographer said. “I noticed this very tiny jumping spider in amongst them. It was so small, it could barely be seen with the naked eye. He hung around just long enough to allow me to get the camera.”


Mantra: “Breathe deeply… breathe slowly,” Australia


One photographer with the username twigs said: “This chap had me totally absorbed for the best part of an hour, and those who know me well will understand how significant this is – I despise spiders! This one though did at least place himself on the other side of his web to me!”


Spider on the sweet potatoes, France




Blipfoto is a member-owned website where people from across the globe save one picture from their day. You can see more from Blipfoto on their website here.

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