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PHOTO: Fans Say Catelynn Baltierra’s Kids Look ‘Identical’


“Teen Mom” fans gushed over Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra’s daughter when they shared new pictures of her on social media.

“Teen Mom” fans gushed over Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra’s daughter when they shared new pictures of her on social media. Lowell and Baltierra celebrated Rya being three months old by sharing photos of the baby on Instagram.

“I can’t believe little Rya is 3 months old already!” Baltierra captioned the photo of his fourth daughter. “I honestly didn’t think it was possible but she just keeps getting cuter! 🌹❤️😍 #RyaRose.”

Baltierra’s post garnered more than 225,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments.

One of the people who dropped a response was Farrah Abraham’s mother Debra Danielsen, who said Rya was “beautiful.” Dr. Jenn Mann, the therapist who worked with the Michigan natives on VH1’s “Couples Therapy,” added: “OMG! That is one adorable baby!”

A majority of fans in the comment section were floored that Rya looked so much like her sisters.

“All your kids look identical to each other ❤️❤️,” said a social media user.

“You guys make the cutest kids!!!” another commenter added.

“All of your children look exactly alike!! 🥰,” a third person agreed.

Lowell and Baltierra have four children together. They placed their eldest daughter, 12-year-old Carly Davis, for adoption when they were 17 years old. At the time, the young couple feared they wouldn’t be able to give Carly a proper upbringing.

Baltierra and Lowell went on to welcome 6-year-old Novalee, 2-year-old Vaeda, and Rya. Though the couple wanted to have a boy, they said they were not going to have more children after Rya.

What’s the Meaning Behind Rya’s Name?

One of the hot topics during Lowell’s pregnancy was the baby name she and Baltierra would choose for their baby. After teasing they would call their fourth child Rose, they revealed Rose was actually Rya’s middle name.

The “Teen Mom OG” stars actually drew inspiration from movies to name their girls.

“Novalee, her name came from a movie,” Lowell told People in October 2021. “And Vaeda’s name is from a movie as well, “My Girl.” And then one time we were watching the new Disney movie with our girls, “Raya and the Last Dragon,” and I was telling Tyler, ‘Wow, isn’t that a really pretty name? Like Raya is a super pretty name.’ ”

Novalee was also involved with picking out Rya’s name. “She got to give her sister her middle name, which she was all excited about,” Lowell explained to People.

The MTV personality was hesitant to tell fans Rya’s name ahead of time because they didn’t want to be judged.

“When you are telling people the names of your children, you might get people that are like, ‘Oh, I don’t really like that,’ or, ‘What about this name?’ ” Lowell told the outlet. “So we were just like, ‘We’re just going to keep this secret and then just put it out when she’s born,’ and nobody can really judge us until we put it out there.”

Lowell & Baltierra Had a Tearful Goodbye With Carly

Although they placed Carly for adoption, the 12-year-old’s parents — Brandon and Teresa Davis — have allowed for annual visits. Conflicts with Carly’s scheduling — as well as the global pandemic — made it difficult for Lowell and Baltierra to see their firstborn.

When they did all get to reunite again, it was “hard to say goodbye.”

For the first time, Lowell and Baltierra noticed Carly getting emotional at the end of their visit. “You could kind of see this time tears in her eyes,” Lowell told “Teen Mom” reunion host Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Baltierra felt the same emotions as his eldest daughter, but he tried to hide his feelings. “I’m afraid she’s gonna see me be super upset and then that’s gonna make her feel, ‘Oh, that’s a crying moment,’” the father-of-four explained.

“I’m nervous that Carly’s gonna go back to Brandon and Theresa and say, ‘Well, he was crying so hard,’” Baltierra added. “I had to walk away cause I can’t control it.”

Baltierra loved seeing Carly interact with her sisters.

“The main thing for me was just seeing Carly take Vaeda and Nova and just really play with them at the park and helping Vaeda get up the ladder to get up to the slide that she wouldn’t be able to reach without Carly being there,” he said at the “Teen Mom OG” reunion. “Just little things like that.”

“I’m just blessed that she gets to have a relationship with her sisters,” Lowell added. “That’s super important to me.”

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