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PHOTO: Fans React to Concept Art for Tom Schwartz & Tom Sandoval’s New Bar

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Tom Schwartz has released the concept art for his new bar with Tom Sandoval.

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz are moving right along with their new bar, Schwartz and Sandy’s, despite receiving some negative feedback on the name from other “Vanderpump Rules” cast members — and from fans.

After seeing some success from their joint venture with Lisa Vanderpump with TomTom, the guys have decided to branch out on their own, and seem super excited to bring a new concept to the Los Angeles area. The location is slated to open sometime in 2022 in Franklin Village, not too far from TomTom.

Throughout the current season of VPR, fans have seen bits and pieces of Schwartz and Sandy’s come together, and Sandoval has some pretty big ideas that he’s hoping to bring to life. The theme for the bar is “psychedelic, funky, fresh,” according to Katie Maloney’s description, thought she has been most critical of the name.

On January 16, 2022, Schwartz took to Instagram to share a couple of photos of the concept art for the new locale, and fans have shared how they feel about the pics on social media.

Here’s what you need to know:

Many Fans Found the Concept Art ‘Busy’

Taking a look at the concept art, there’s clearly a lot going on. While the color palette is a fairly soothing mix os light blue, greens, orange, and pink, there’s a good mix of things that don’t necessarily scream “bar!”

In both photos shared by Schwartz, there are two birds and two elephants outside of an archway (or, perhaps, a birdcage) that is covered in greenery and surrounded by trees. The name of the bar features “Schwartz” in block text and “Sandy’s” in script, but the name is certainly not the focus of the art, which some fans were quick to point out. Overall, many people felt that the artwork was “busy.”

“Too much going on. Looks like a tattoo,” one Instagram user commented on the post.

“It’s way too busy. Hurts my eyes,” added another.

“Too busy – the name of the bar is the last time you notice and it should be the first,” a third person wrote.

“…too busy so you don’t see the name,” a fourth comment read.

A lot of fans seemed to like the artwork, though many agreed that it’s hard to tell what Schwartz and Sandy’s is based on the prints.

“The color palette is great, but I would definitely simplify a bit,” one person wrote, adding a suggestion.

“It is too busy but the second one at least draws your eye to the name. I’ve done branding for 20 years so just trying to be helpful,” another comment read.

“I like the design but I feel like it doesn’t go with the name and style,” a third person added.

Some People Still Aren’t Sold on the Name

If Schwartz’s wife doesn’t even like the name, it’s not surprising that it’s not sitting well with “Vanderpump Rules” fans. Maloney has been very critical of the name, but Sandoval basically put his foot down — which was shown during the season — and convinced Schwartz to just go with it. And so, that’s what they did.

However, even with this new concept art out, several people still aren’t loving the name, and they let Schwartz know in the comment section of his post.

“…absolutely hate the name,” one person wrote.

“Name is still terrible, sorry dude! I agree with your wife…” another comment read.

“Worst name in the league,” a third person added.

“I thought we were clear that name is [trash],” a fourth comment read.

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